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Valentine’s Day, which many Singaporeans love to celebrate, is a celebration of love; not only among lovebirds, but also love for your friends and family. If you’re lucky enough to have a BFF who has been in your life through thick and thin, show her how much you love and appreciate her, by gifting something pampering and soothing this Valentine’s Day. Check out the 10 Valentine gift ideas your female BFF would definitely love:

  1. Heart-shaped makeup sponges. In conjunction with Valentine, ditch the boring old square sponges and get your BFF cute heart-shaped makeup sponges to include in her beauty kit. Get her sponges in different sizes, so she can have choices for different makeup applications.
  2. Sugar scrub. Your BFF’s skin needs a pampering it deserves to buff away flaky and dry skin, and a sugar scrub would do the trick. Get her one that’s made of fruit extract, natural pumice, and sugar crystals that are finely-grained.
  3. Facial oil. Let your bestie have a dewy, gorgeous glow on her face with a brightening facial oil formulated from vitamin C and wild rose oil. This will help keep her skin moisturized as well, thus will avoid any irritation that usually comes with skin dryness.Image result for Moisturizing face and body cream
  4. Moisturizing face and body cream. If she has dry or very dry skin, give your BFF an extra TLC with a moisturizing face and body cream made of hydrating ingredients, such as fruit extracts. Bonus point: she’ll smell really good throughout the day.
  5. BB cream. Any woman who cares about how she looks would be grateful to have a BB cream. Not only does a BB cream help to hydrate your skin, it also improves your skin’s discoloration, as well as serves as a foundation before you apply makeup. Find a BB cream in Singapore that’s formulated to cater to different users based on your BFF’s skin tone and type.
  6. Two-tone lipstick. Two-tone lipstick is one of the latest trends that is gaining popularity, and is loved by many celebrities, beauty vloggers, and influencers. It also adds a little bit of playfulness to one’s look. If your BFF love that youthful, carefree look, gift her a two-tone lipstick, whether it’s a lip bar or a lip liquid. Find the ones in trending colors such as wine, coral, pink, or shocking orange.
  7. Neutral eyeshadow palette. Neutral or nude shades are so in season this 2017, so gift your bestie a neutral eyeshadow palette to complete her look. Get her a palette that has a mix of matte and shimmery colors, and comes complete with a few brushes and sponges.
  8. Hair mask. Any woman should spend some of her time every week to thoroughly care for her hair, in order to get healthy and glowing locks. A hair mask is necessary for deep conditioning the hair, so gift a hair mask to your BFF.
  9. Purple eyeliner. Purple eyeliner is trending at the moment, so if your bestie is fashion-forward girl, gift her purple eyeliner to stand out. Get her one that’s waterproof and contains non-toxic ingredients.Image result for Rose scent perfume.
  10. Rose scent perfume. A rose scent perfume is perfect for Valentine’s Day, and is also one of the most popular scents for women to wear on romantic occasions. Get your BFF the one with a mixture of vanilla and jasmine.

Delight your BFF with a combination of these gifts and wrap them together in a beautiful packaging, complete with a love note and a ribbon. You can either get a combination of two beauty items and two skincare items, or one beauty item and one skincare item. Figure out what your BFF would need and love the most, and get them for her this Valentine’s Day.