The SATs have been one of the biggest determining factors of potential performance for high-school students entering college since they arose in 1926. While the tests have changed over the years, mostly recently in 2005, the series of questions covering a variety of subjects is still perhaps the best gauge of knowledge, and it is undoubtedly the biggest test of a student’s K-12 life.

Luckily, the current test—subject to change in 2016—has been on the books for nearly a decade, so there are numerous prep courses one can take in order to become more familiar with the style, format, and the time constraints of the test.

How to Choose the Right SAT Prep

1: Choose an Accurate Model

SAT prep courses are a dime a dozen; you can find hundreds of different online courses claiming to help you prepare for the big test. But many are simply refresher courses for math, literature, logic, and other odds and ends. They stand as basic brain tune-ups and aren’t timed, nor do they accurately represent the subject matter you will find on the real SATs. Dig a little deeper when searching for a course and find an actual pre-SAT course rather than just a general knowledge hodgepodge that claims to help.


2: Look for Actual Atmosphere

Aside from an accurate feeler test, you should also endeavor to dive into the real atmosphere of the SATs. Search out a course that imposes a time limit on you, preferably one that is shorter than the three-hour forty-five-minute actual SATs. This allows you to adapt to the pressure before actually spending an afternoon taking the real test.


3: Go With a High Rating

Lastly, use the social aspect of the Internet to your advantage for something other than memes. Information is floating around about highly-rated courses, like the type you will find if you visit SAT Zone Singapore and other similar high-rated programs. These services go beyond simply giving you a practice test and actually work to tutor and train you to not only pass the test but to exceed your own expectations by leaps and bounds.

Just like practicing a sport before a match helps the team compete, training yourself to take the SATs will give you a much better chance of actually scoring well. This isn’t just any test; those looking to earn placement in the college of their choice need to do very well. Don’t leave anything to chance. Locate a prep course and use it to your utmost advantage.


Singapore Premier SAT Course

Singapore Premier SAT Course