Malaysia is one of those places in the world where beauty and culture meet in a unique and diverse manner. This makes it one of the finest travel destinations in the modern world. Nonetheless, travel can be expensive, which essentially discourages many people from traveling. However, when in Malaysia, it is possible to enjoy your vacation without your bank account having to suffer. Here are a few tips:

Choose cheaper travel options – The public transport system all over Malaysia is reliable and affordable. There are local subways and bus transport systems that are easy on your wallet. The intercity bus transit makes it easy and inexpensive to tour the country. Nevertheless, taxis are also available; these however do not have a meter and thus you ought to negotiate well with the drivers.

Try couch surfing or homestays – If there are people you know in the place you tour, you could ask them to provide lodgings for a few nights. You could as well seek accommodation by some local people who are always ready to host travellers. There are, for instance, some excellent homestays in Taiping! where instead of staying in an expensive hotel, you could stay with a family. This will save you money in various ways, including the fact that you will not have to pay for food.





Try eating in/l affordable places – The food in Malaysia is fingerpicking. The cuisine is diverse, and you will probably find a new dish that you are bound to love. Even so, this is not only found in the five-star hotels. Local hotels and markets offer an excellent place to find out what Malaysia has in her menu.

Cut daily expenditure – Malaysia offers a lot to tourists. You will experience some of the finest beaches in the world here. The natural scenery in some of the attractions there is unbeatable. In case you are travelling for the nightlife, Malaysia will most certainly not disappoint you. However, the experience may be expensive if you do not watch your daily spending. For instance, try to cut costs by walking instead of hiring a taxi as taxis are known to be expensive. It is easy to get directions from the local population or through GPRS navigation.

Visiting Malaysia will be a truly pleasurable experience. If you plan your expenditure well, you will undoubtedly leave the place having a rich and wonderful memory of your stay.