So after going through a lot of trouble, burning midnight candles and shedding a pail-full of tears, you finally got a university degree. Congratulations! But what now? Are you really ready to face the world of employment? Are you geared enough to be a head hunter’s pick, to be a part of a prestigious company?


Whether you are looking for engineering, teaching, managerial, or banking jobs, you must have what it takes to stand out. Getting a college degree might take you to places and might give you a job that you are looking for. But acquiring skills is another story. It gives you an edge. It makes you stand out from the rest. Here are four skills that will launch you on the A-list and will definitely hold you in position. Master these skills and you will advance in your career in no time. people-skills


People Skills 


Your charisma is your key to success. With your ability to listen, communicate, and relate to other people, you are just ready to take part in any job. If you have learned the art of placing yourself in someone else’s perspective, you will be able to respond to certain situations appropriately. With this, you will win everyone’s trust – even your employer’


Intellectual Skills 


Employers are looking for someone with a quick grasp of new ideas. They want someone who easily adapts to a changing and challenging situation. Bosses will hire job seekers that ask the right questions at the right time. So if you want to impress your potential employers, sharpen your intellectual skills and broaden your mind.

Building a Leadership

Leadership Skills 


Being a great team player will keep you in the team. But having leadership skills will make you stand out from the crowd. Your ability to resolve disputes and conflicts among your colleagues will not only make you a Model Employee Of The Month. It might also take you to a managerial post.


Entrepreneurial Skills 


You might say, you’re not building a business anyway, so there’s no need for you to master your entrepreneurial skills. False. Even though you are not a business owner, you are still required to have these traits to excel in the corporate world. Resilience, for example, will keep your state of mind in shape. It gives you the ability to easily recover from tough challenges. Resilience keeps you going in the midst of a failed plan.


Your university credentials do not guarantee you success. But if you presented them with your people, intellectual, and leadership skills, you will surely give your success a fighting chance. Wrap them up with a strong passion and a heart that never quits, then you will be flying high to your dreams.