organicMost non-organic foods contain toxic elements like pesticides that can do a lot of harm to a person’s body in the long run, depending on one’s health condition. More Hong Kongers are aware of such harm now, hence the increase in people switching to organic food. These are the five amazing things that will happen after switching to organic food:heart4

  1. Healthier and stronger heart Any product produced from grass-fed, organic animals contain higher levels of CLA or conjugated linoleic acid, a type of essential fatty acid that occurs naturally to strengthen the heart, help in the prevention of certain heart-related disease and cancer, and provide general protection for the heart.default-banner
  2. Stronger immune system CLA not only strengthens the heart and prevents heart-related disease and cancer, it also regulates the immune system, making it stronger than ever. Antibiotics overload in the body (due to years of eating non-organic foods) could lead to weakened immune system, so switching to organic food could help to regulate it, eventually strengthening the immune system in the long run.gmo1
  3. Slowed aging signs Toxic elements such as GMOs (genetically modified organisms), herbicides, and pesticides can rapidly age its consumers. Some even develop tumors and die at a young age due to a diet high in GMOs. Switching to organic foods can slow down aging signs and help one to avoid life-threatening health risk.Garden-Harvest-Basket-1440x960
  4. Better overall health condition Non-organic foods tend to carry food-borne illness that can cause massive outbreaks, like E. coli. By switching to organic foods, specifically the meat of animals that aren’t overly drugged or vaccinated, there will be fewer chances of contracting such infections that tend to be drug-resistant.Antioxidants Concept or Anti Oxidants or Antioxidant
  5. Antioxidants impact When switching to organic foods, there will be antioxidants-related impacts that will be positive for the body. Cell-damaging effects caused by free radicals will be killed. Other amazing impacts include better mental health condition, reduced stress, lower risk of heart disease being developed, and faster metabolism.

It’s not very hard to find organic food in Hong Kong that contains zero GMOs, herbicides, and pesticides which are all poisonous to one’s body. When it comes to meat, it’s advisable to consume only free-range meat as they’re raised and farmed in a cleaner environment and contains no drugs and antibiotics. It is highly recommended to start an organic diet as soon as possible. They may cost more than non-organic products, but it’s a long-term investment considering the many benefits they have.