When getting breast implants, some people do not think of the long-term consequences. Sadly, one can suffer serious health problems when they have implants. Of course, a person should not fear getting the procedure; rather, they should understand the risks and downsides. Here are five problems linked to breast enlargement surgery.

Serious bruising: When obtaining the fake breasts, one will usually suffer serious and painful bruising. In fact, many patients, after receiving the silicone, often experience severe pain. Unfortunately, this is hard to avoid since the surgery is not easy on the body. To ease the symptoms, one should use ice and get plenty of rest.

Extrusion: In some cases, the implant may pop through the skin and cause embarrassing and painful problems. Luckily, this does not occur in most cases. However, if it happens, a patient should head to her doctor to fix the issue. Remember, this is a serious problem that must be dealt with immediately.

Leaking: Often, when a doctor does a poor job, the implant will leak. When this happens, one must head to the doctor to get a fix. Otherwise, a woman will suffer and can end up in very poor health as the silicone will cause problems. Without a doubt, this is common, and a woman must not fear this situation. Of course, this does not mean that one should not head to the hospital or doctor’s office upon discovering a leaking implant. To prevent this from occurring in the first place, one should head to one of the many solid aesthetic clinics in Singapore. In these clinics, one can get world-class treatments at a low-cost.


Back pain: Now, some women get massive implants when they have a small frame. This can cause a woman to have difficulty in getting around. In fact, many women return to the doctor and downsize their breasts as a result of back pain. Fortunately, when taking care of the situation, one can feel and look good again. Remember, a woman should not suffer needlessly with back pain.



Rashes: Though not serious, women often develop painful and annoying rashes after receiving breast implants. To combat this problem, one should use an over the counter cream or see their doctor. While this usually goes away on its own, it still bothers enough women that they usually try to remedy the situation. Without a doubt, this is a difficult problem since some women find it hard to wear bras or shirts when suffering from a rash. Luckily, an ointment should fix the problem quickly.

When receiving silicone breasts, one may suffer problems. Fortunately, most of them are not serious, and a woman can fix most issues without visiting the emergency room.

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