Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah, is a melting pot of cultures. This is due to the many ethnic groups that call Sabah their home, including Malays, Kadazan Dusuns, Muruts, Bajaus, Chinese, and many more. Their influences contribute to the rich heritage that has shaped Kota Kinabalu, or KK as many call it. Nowhere is this heritage more evident than in the food available here.

Just like other cities in Malaysia, eateries in KK remain open late into the night, and you’ll find food very easily. These are just some of the places you can visit for dinner in the city:little-italy-24

Little Italy


On the ground floor of hotel Capital in Jalan Haji Saman is Little Italy, which many diners claim is the best Italian restaurant outside Italy. They have some of the best pizzas and spaghetti in Sabah, made from the most authentic and freshest ingredients. There are no shortcuts or localized dishes here, and  only fully Italian recipes are served. Their location near Suria Sabah makes them very accessible, and your shouldn’t let up the chance to try their various ravioli.img_3085

Yu Hing Restaurant


If you’re a noodle fan, don’t let this chance to try their signature Beaufort Noodles – springy yellow noodles stir fried with fresh leafy greens and pork.  Patrons come from far and wide just for a taste of this noodle dish, and many agree that you shouldn’t be fooled by how simple it looks.p1120591

Archie De Corner


Located inside a shop called Kedai Kopi KS, Archie D corner is a western food stall that sells the best pork chop in town. Apart from that, they also serve fish fillet, chicken chop, and pork belly. They are popular because of their generous portions and fairly affordable prices. All cuts of meat are served with a side of mixed vegetables, fries, and baked beans. Definitely a western restaurant in Kota Kinabalu you don’t want to miss.


Salut Seafood Restaurant


Being so near to the sea, KK enjoys an abundance of seafood, and you can find the cream of the crop here at Salut Seafood.Located within a seafront prawn farm, you’ll be able to dine not just on prawns, but crabs, shellfish, squid, and fish too. The dishes are cooked to your taste in butter, sweet and sour sauce, tomyam, ginger or any other style you prefer.tambayan-at-kainang-filipino-beverly-hills-branch-620x350

Tambayan at Kainang


Since KK is near the Philippines, you’ll no doubt find several Filipino food outlets in town. At Tambayan, you can find all sorts of delectable dishes like sisig, lechon, sinigang, and so much more.

Foodies will have a ball in KK as long as you’re willing to travel and explore. From local dishes to foreign offerings, you’ll find them all in mesmerizing KK.