Maintaining your second hand car after the sale is just as important as purchasing the right car. Maintenance of a second hand car takes a bit more care than a new car requires, and this article explains five ways to keep your car in the best condition possible. These suggestions cover every part of the car to ensure that it will faithfully serve you long after you take it home.



Aggiunta olio motore

Oil change keep engine healthy and perform well.


1: Oil Changes

Many drivers wait 5000 miles before they change their oil, but you are better off changing your oil just prior to 3000 miles. You may cut this number to 1500 miles if you want to be especially careful with your car. Regularly changing the oil prevents slug from building up in the system, and frequent oil changes help to flush out a system that was not new when you bought it.


Tire Rotation And Balancing

Check tire rotation and balancing to maintain proper performance.


2: Tire Rotation And Balancing

Tire pressure should be checked once a week to maintain proper performance in your car. Tires that have the right pressure help improve your gas mileage, and the handling is improved when the tires are balanced.

Your tires must be rotated at every service to produce even wear on all the tires. Allowing your tires to wear unevenly will cause your car to handle poorly, lose gas mileage and potentially blow out on the road.


3: Fuel Treatment

You may use any fuel you like in your car, but you should use a fuel treatment at the time of your oil change. Fuel treatment helps protect the oil filter and fuel system from breakage while the engine is running. You pour in a fuel treatment before you fill your tank, and your system will flush out the fuel treatment.


Wash The Car Thoroughly

Proper wash on the metal of your car can prevent rust, and rust spots. 


4: Wash The Car Thoroughly

A thorough car wash is more important than you realize. The metal on your car must be washed to prevent rust, and rust spots must be cleaned and repaired. Washing your car regularly reveals rust spots, and you can handle the rust before it spreads to other parts of the car.

A car wash also cleans up the hub caps and wheels. The wheels will break down over time if they are not treated properly, and the wheels could crack if you hit even a small pothole or bump. Washing the wheels and tires prevents rust and breakage that could otherwise disable your car.




5: Drive It Carefully

The best thing for your car is careful driving. Careful drivers do not grind the brakes, and the car is not stressed to the point of breaking every time you get behind the wheel. Economical driving saves fuel, and this driving style helps to maintain your car. You will have fewer issues with the car simply because you were careful with it.
Every owner of a used car should follow these five steps to maintain their car properly. A used car needs a proper wash, oil change, good tires and a careful driver to stay on the road.