A pre-wedding pictorial, also known as prenuptial or engagement photo shoot is done three to six months before the big day. Even though some engaged couples debate whether or not to have it due to money concerns, most couples still agree that it is a necessary phase they should go through before becoming official. If you and your partner want to have a pre-wedding photo shoot and you want to do it overseas, here are some things that you need to remember in order to have a spectacular session:1

  1. What’s your theme? Knowing your theme will determine the kinds of props and wardrobe that you will be using in your photo shoot. Do you want to wear formal clothes to project an elegant look or just your casual ones to show people your fun-loving side?2
  2. Where do you want to shoot your photos? Choosing the location before going to your destination country will save you time and money scouting for one once you go there. Do you want to do the photo shoot in a specific spot in the city? Do you want it done in a romantic scene on the beach, forest or temples?3
  3. Consider the weather. The weather is a great factor that you need to consider when you are doing a photo shoot. Before going to your destination, check a week’s worth of weather to ensure that you are going to have a good time shooting your pre-wedding photos there.4
  4. Search for the best photographer. The next important person next to the both of you is the photographer. However, he or she cannot just be anyone. Your pre-wedding photographer must be able to bring your ideas to life. Before going to your destination country, make sure that you do extensive research about your potential photographer. Check out samples of their works online before making a decision. It is also highly important to know their rate so that you would be able to prepare your budget before going there.5
  5. Book for 2 to 3 days’ worth of stay. Booking your stay in the destination country for two to three days will help you maximize every dime that you spend on your overseas pre-wedding photography. In addition, you can also wait for your photos to be processed so that you will have something to show off when you go home. When doing a pre-wedding photo shoot abroad, is very important that you book your accommodation near the studio of your chosen photographer. This way, you can easily give him or her all your concerns about your plans and ideas about the photo shoot that needs to be immediately addressed.

Once you have chosen your destination country and your official pre-wedding photographer, all you need to do now is to think about how you and your partner are going to pose in front of the camera. Also, before heading abroad, don’t forget to bring your own make-up kit to make you look more gorgeous than you already are in front of the camera. If you don’t want to hassle yourself, make sure that you hire an excellent make-up artist who will take care of you and your partner’s hair and skin during your photo shoot.