Port Dickson has long been a favourite destination for travellers who are looking to take a fun and relaxing holiday in Malaysia. This seaside resort town is easy to reach from Kuala Lumpur and gives visitors the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of big city life. Here are five attractions every traveller should visit while spending time in Port Dickson.


1. Alive 3D Art Gallery

This family-friendly attraction features 3D paintings that provide visitors with a unique viewing experience. Located inside a three-storey building, the gallery includes instructions on where to stand in order to get the best viewing effects. Guests are asked to remove their shoes upon entering in order to help maintain a cleaner environment for everyone to enjoy.




2. PD Ostrich Show Farm

Travellers who wish to get up close and personal with some animals can spend some time touring this popular attraction in Port Dickson. Visitors looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience even have the chance to take a ride on an ostrich or donkey. Other animal inhabitants include horses, camels and crocodiles. The souvenir shop sells ostrich feather dusters, painted ostrich egg shells and other one-of-a-kind items.




3. PD Army Museum

Also known as the Muzium Tentara, this museum showcases tanks, weaponry and other significant items that were once used by Malaysia’s military. Guests can also tour old bunkers and view historical photographs that further tell the story of the nation’s armed forces.


4. Blue Lagoon

Located just outside Port Dickson’s main centre, this heavenly stretch of paradise is the perfect place to spend some quiet time enjoying the breathtaking ocean views. Anyone looking to experience luxurious hoteling experience without having to spend a fortune can check into this best hotel in Port Dickson.

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5. Wan Loong Temple

This Chinese temple pays homage to Taoist deities like the Monkey King and the goddess of mercy known as Kuan Li. Religious devotees and tourists alike regularly flock to this attraction to behold the impressive architecture and enjoy the peaceful setting. The real-life turtles found within the temple are said to bring good luck if they are touched.

Port Dickson features attractions that are suitable for all types of travellers. Exploring the town’s points of interest is the perfect way to spend a Malaysian holiday while learning more about the local culture.