The typical lovers standing by the staircase, kissing next to the piano, or pretending to dance in a ballroom are all part of an old romantic theme for pre-wedding photos most Singaporeans do, but are now considered to be boring and unoriginal. Try these six fun themes for your pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore to add an element of creativity and originality to your photos:1

  1. Patriotic theme This theme would be perfect for the patriotic brides and grooms-to-be, or if you have a partner who works in the military or the government. Some ideas include wrapping each other in a banner and kiss, ‘kiss the war goodbye’ pose, and ‘returning from war’ pose. Dress up in uniform and have a banner with you!2
  2. Nostalgic theme Walk down memory lane and reminisce on the first day where you two met, and capture the special moment again. For example, if you and your partner are high school sweethearts, go back to your old school and take photos in your classrooms or any room in the school where you two first met.3
  3. Adventure theme For sports lovers, this is the theme to go. Have a photoshoot at an indoor rock-climbing center, where you two pose as lovers and looking longingly into each other’s eyes while hanging on a rope. You can also experiment with poses at any indoor sports game center while playing futsal, dodgeball, netball or hockey.4
  4. Quirky theme For the playful and fun-loving couples who don’t take themselves too seriously, you can try a quirky theme. Some ideas include dressing up as a cartoon or game character, or have a zombie invasion theme where your partner rescues you from a horde of zombies (have your friends or family members dress up as zombies).5
  5. Movie theme One of the easiest themes to pull off, you can take inspirations from your favorite movies. Some of the most popular movies that inspire a creative pre-wedding photoshoot include Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Titanic, Superman, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Harry Potter, and The Notebook. You can either do it movie poster-style or recreate a live scene that looks just like the scene in your favorite movie.6
  6. Vintage theme Want a retro or vintage look for your pre-wedding photos? Take a leaf out of your family photo album. Your grandparents’ old photos could be a great inspiration if you want to relive the old days and incorporate the element in your photos.

To make your dream photoshoot come true just the way you like it, book the best wedding photography services in Singapore that specialize in fun and creative-themed pre-wedding photos. Do some research for more ideas, and bring example photos when you meet your photographer to brainstorm.