Dressing properly for your cycling adventures in Malaysia is the most important part of your ride. You will see some of the most beautiful sights in the world, but you must dress well for rides in the countryside. Malaysia is a country filled with scenic roads and beautiful people. You cannot meet your fitness goals on your bicycle in the Malaysian countryside without proper gear.

#1: Cycling Jerseys 
Cycling jerseys in Malaysia must be worn for every ride, and you must choose jerseys that fit you properly. A jersey that fits your body well will help you cut down on wind resistance, and breathable fabric like wool wicks moisture away from your body. Also consider a jersey with sun protection as the rays get blistering hot in Malaysia. A proper jersey will help you remain comfortable on the bike, and a comfortable cycling jersey will prevent chaffing on the road.

#2: Cycling Pants 
You must wear proper cycling shorts to prevent chaffing on your thighs, and cycling shorts prevent sweat from dripping down your legs as you ride. There are many styles of cycling pants, and you must choose the pants that are most comfortable. Some riders prefer pants that reach to their ankles, but other riders want shorts that help their legs breathe.

#3: Gloves 
Your cycling gloves will prevent damage to your hands while you are riding. Shifting gears and braking will damage your hands if you do not have quality gloves. Good cycling gloves will keep your hands comfortable while you ride, and you will not feel the effects of your bicycle ride when you take your gloves off.

#4: Your Helmet 
Every rider must have a helmet that provide protection during accidents. No rider plans to fall off their bike, but you must have a helmet that will prevent head injuries during a crash. Bicycling helmets are required, and you must choose a helmet that fits your head properly. Your helmet must have a chin strap that will secure the helmet tightly, and your helmet must fit over your forehead. You will not have protection if your helmet does fit properly.

#5: Reflectors 
Riders who start a trip in the evening must have a reflective vest or helmet decal to wear. These reflective garments help motorists on the road see you as they travel, and you must keep these reflective garments on your body even under low light. Dark afternoons and foggy mornings are no different than riding in the evening, and your reflective gear will protect you from other vehicles on the road.

Every rider in Malaysia must choose proper cycling gear for every ride. Jerseys, pants, shorts, gloves and helmets help you ride safely when you are on the road, and reflective gear will prevent accidents on the road due to low visibility. Protect yourself on the road by dressing correctly before you mount your bike.