Have you ever heard about a new activity known as aerial flow yoga? Aerial yoga can also be referred to as antigravity yoga and combines regular yoga poses, dance, and Pilates. Aerial yoga uses a hammock or sling to defy gravity and to makes it easy for you to perform poses that you would otherwise not manage to do on the ground.

Are you looking to start practising aerial yoga? The following are easy aerial flow yoga exercises for beginners to help you get started.

Low Lunge in Wrist Wrap

Low lunge in wrist wrap is excellent for stretching your sciatic nerves and hip area. This pose also helps you get rid or hormonal and emotional stress.

Here’s how to do the pose;

  1. Stand in front of your hammock with your legs wide apart.
  2. Next, get into a kneeling position.
  3. Raise your right knee such that it’s in a 90-degree kneeling angle, while the other knee is still on the floor.
  4. Stretch the leg that is still on the floor backwards.
  5. Extend your arms forward to reach for the hammock.
  6. Wrap both your hands with the sling such that they can’t move freely. You can do this by putting your hands together, putting them through the hammock up to the wrist area. Twist your arms downwards while still in that position then upwards again.
  7. Finally, arch your upper body backwards and stay in that position for about a minute.


Star Inversion

Star inversion will help to;

  • Decompress the spine
  • Regulate temperature
  • Calm your mind helping you think with clarity
  • Increase circulation thereby reducing inflammation


Here’s how to do the pose;

  1. Sit in your hammock with your back straight
  2. Extend your arms to hold both sides of the sling tightly
  3. Next, put your feet astride while still holding on tightly
  4. Gently lower your upper body behind you until you’re in a suspended position.
  5. Slowly release your arms from the hammock and use them to hold the floor.
  6. Stay in that position for about a minute.


Like with any exercise regimen, there are some essential things that you need to know such as;

  • You may need an instructor at the beginning to help you trust the hammock, take you through the poses and help you stay safe.
  • You shouldn’t wear jewellery and watches as they can rip the hammock or get entangled and end up injuring you.
  • Avoid lotions as they tend to reduce a hammock’s grip.
  • Trim your toes and fingernails before attending an aerial flow yoga exercises for beginners because they may rip the hammock as well.
  • Wear fitting clothing that covers the back of your knees and armpits to avoid chaffing and irritation.
  • Avoid aerial yoga if you’ve recently had surgery or suffer from motion sickness.
  • Do not do aerial yoga if you’re past the first trimester of your pregnancy.
  • Avoid fizzy and carbonated drinks and opt for lots of water and stomach calming foods like bananas or oatmeal.


Gravity compresses the spine, hinders proper blood circulation and causes muscle tension. Aerial flow yoga exercises for beginners are very beneficial to your body since the yoga uses an anti-gravity approach. Antigravity helps your body can decompress, releasing stress that is weighing it down.