Are you the kind of woman who really takes the time to clean herself up, and spends a long time in the shower? If you’re meticulous about getting yourself clean and coming out of the shower feeling fresher than ever, these six bathroom essentials will surely help you:1

  1. Massaging Shower Head


What’s a better way to spend your time after a long day at work, than to have massage in the shower? A massaging shower head is better than a regular shower head as it has the added function of helping you to relax tired muscles. It also has a soothing spray setting that gently helps you clean without putting too much pressure on your head or body.2

  1. Bluetooth Shower Speaker


If you often spend a long time in the shower, make the experience more enjoyable by putting some music on. Get a Bluetooth shower speaker that’s waterproof and can play your fave playlist from your phone. The best speaker is the one that has a wireless range of at least 200 feet and over, and is compatible with iPads, iPhones, and all Android devices. 3

  1. Anti-Slip Bath Mat


Your bathroom can be a dangerous place due to its slippery floor. Prevent potential falls and slip by placing an anti-slip bath mat on the floor. Get the ones with a strong grip and sticks on the floor.4

  1. Hair Dryer


A hair dryer may come in handy, especially when you’re rushing off to work in the morning. Get a hair dryer that conserves energy and automatically shuts off when not in use after 30 minutes.5

  1. Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy Shower


Having a hot and cold hydrotherapy shower as opposed to regular shower gives you a lot of health benefits, such as stimulating toxin removal, relieving inflammation, and improving circulation.6

  1. Water Softener


A water softener is essential not only to remove pollutants contained in water, but the system also helps to extend the life of most water-based appliances. Use it along with water softening salts, which helps to take out the hardness of your water so it won’t irritate the skin or pose any discomfort while you shower.

Besides the obvious items like toothbrush or soap, the six bathroom essentials mentioned should also be included in your daily bathing ritual, as each of them serves a different purpose with different benefits. Not only does showering make you cleaner and look good, you get to enjoy how therapeutic it is.