Cataracts are when the eye’s natural lens are clouded. They are a common occurrence for those over the age of 40 and is one of the leading causes of blindness. There are several types of cataracts and how they develop is not quite known. If you have a cataract, there are several methods that can alleviate your concern.

Those who have this eye disorder say that when they drive at night, they notice more of a glare than they used to. No one is exactly sure what causes this eye disorder; however, there does seem to be some underlying factors for this health condition such as genetics, being exposed to ultraviolet light, no wearing sunglasses, those who suffer from diabetes, using steroids or being dependent on antidepressants. Most of these theories have not been proven; however, there are risks factors that might lead to this eye concern such as air pollution, smoking and drinking too much alcohol.

There have been several studies conducted that suggest that eating too much red meat may up the risk for this eye disorder. Of course, this is not concrete; however, it may suggest to some to lessen the amount of red meat in one’s diet.

Cataract treatment for this eye condition includes getting new prescription glasses, wearing strong bifocals, better lighting and other visual aids. Surgery is also an option; especially if they get to the point where you vision is impeding on your daily activities. It is a relatively simple procedure and safe. Cataract surgery is very effective in restoring vision to those who want the cloudiness in their vision corrected. With cataract surgery, the clouded lens are removed and replaced with an artificial one that is clear.

There are other possible causes of such as poor nutrition, diabetes, kidney disease and using corticosteroids too often. It seems in most cases, the most common cause of this eye disorder is going out into the sun without putting on sunglasses.

In addition, there are several important factors that help in preventing this eye disorder such as good nutrition. Also, here are nutritional supplements such as vitamins A, B, C and E that help to prevent this health concern as well as glaucoma and minerals such as selenium and zinc that also are effective in preventing this eye disorder, as well as other diseases of the eyes. Laser cataract is a very effective way when wanting to get rid of this annoying eye concern. Or cataract operation is another alternative when wanting to get rid of this eye disorder. Cataract surgery cost depends on the type and extent of the disorder, the eye surgeon and where the patient lives. A lens implant is part of cataract surgery and is effective is restoring clear vision.

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