The most common injuries related to sport are due to the overuse and strain of the muscles. The repeated exercise and movement on the same muscle, leads to muscle and tendon wear, which will need some sort of sports therapy in most cases. Among the common sports injuries are the wrist, knees, elbows and shoulder injuries affecting mainly the joints which are able to cause great pain. There is a big difference between muscle pull and muscle tear, whereby injuries adequately addressed in a sports clinic, is of utmost importance.

There are countless sports that need continuous use of the arm; therefor the shoulder is in constant use and wear. Because of the weakness of ligaments that support the joint, shoulder pain can be disturbing and intense. Among the sport’s most distressing to this injury are golf, tennis, volleyball and swimming. There is a range of motion exercises to strength the rotator cuff muscle in order to relieve the shoulder pain.

It is very common to hear of painful conditions in the elbow and the wrist, one leads to another, and all due to poor positioning of the muscles when executing a continuous action in the practiced sport. The inflammation of muscles and tendons in the arm due to bad position tends to turn the palm of the hand upward, as it is in tennis, stressing the muscles when executing the move leading to an intense elbow pain and consequently, wrist pain. Golfers, tennis players, and baseball pitchers often suffer from this condition due to the topspin forehand swing when releasing the shot.

The nightmare of every runner is the misalignment of the kneecap. The kneecap moves constantly in each exercise step such as walking, running and stretching. When this misalignment occurs, the kneecap is pulled to the side and touches the groove creating a knee joint pain. To counteract the knee joint pain one must relieve the thigh muscles rubbing downward to give relief to those ligaments and muscle contraction that pulls the kneecap out of place. In many cases, fluid may build up causing extreme knee joint pain and is recommended not to stretch the full leg while bent because it can worsen the condition.

Sports clinics strive in providing the best sports related medical care with the comprehensive knowledge to improve, and relief minor and intensive conditions. The sports clinics provide well trained professionals in sports therapy and are there to help you regain your muscle strength and relieve pain so you can return to your routine sports and recreational activities as soon as possible. 

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