The islands that make up the country of Singapore are rich in culture, citizens, and especially food. The food that encapsulates the area is exquisite and tasty. The locals and tourists rave at how much they love and enjoy the food that Singapore has to offer. In this article we’ll go in depth of different restaurants in Singapore that offer an amazing wide variety of different foods that captures the essence of their culture.

The first restaurant that anyone would be a fool not to try is Suburbia. This restaurant captures the feeling of a peace and tranquil night out with your friends, family, or even your significant other. The design of the restaurant is amazing and the theme really tries to instil the ficus tree into the mixture to make you get the real sense of Singapore. The menu is chalk full of amazing European dishes that range from small appetizers to big full course meals that will be sure to put a smile on your face! The customers that frequent this restaurant come back over and over again mainly because of the amazing theme combined with the tasty and filling European menu. The customer service and attention to detail is grade A and should be experienced by everyone.

The next restaurant you’ll want to go down and check out is the Kha. This amazing restaurant has won many amazing rewards for the sheer elegance and amazing architecture that went in to the execution of this high class establishment. The Kha is one of the best Thai restaurants in Singapore to visit if you wish to really delve into the cuisine that makes up the Thai culture. The wood floors and architecture that look out into the woods and out onto the water is something that needs to be experienced first-hand to truly understand the beauty. The woman, Yenn Wong, who designed this restaurant, really put in an artistic view and presence when she created this establishment. Her vision combined with her hard work and elegant sense of style really paid off and that shows each and every time you enter this restaurant.

All in all, the two restaurants mentioned above are only a sneak peak in to what the country of Singapore has to offer you. The amazing cultures of the people that inhabit the country are represented in the foods that these fine Singapore restaurants listed above have to offer. If you’re looking for a nice relaxing meal out next to the water than perhaps the Kha is the perfect restaurant for you. Or perhaps if a night time meal with dim lights and an elegant rich style is what you’re trying to experience then the Suburbia is exactly what you’re looking for!