Whether you believe in the art or not, understanding the principles of feng shui can help if you have a house for sale or apartment for rent. The same principles that attract wealth and good fortune when you live in a home can make your property for sale more attractive to prospective buyers or renters. Whether you have a house for sale or a property for rent, making these small changes can help you move your property and move on with your life.

Remove Clutter and Encourage Chi to Flow Freely

Feng shui is the art of arranging the environment so that chi, or energy, flows freely. Clutter disrupts the flow of chi and traps stale energies inside your house. That’s why removing clutter is the first step in preparing a property for sale or rent. Pack away personal belongings, nick-knacks and photos. Empty closets and pare cupboards down to the bare essentials. This step is especially important if you’re trying to rent or sell a small bungalow or condominium, where space is already at a premium. Removing clutter opens up the rooms and makes them appear more spacious and inviting.

Clean Away Stale Energy

Once you’ve packed away the clutter, do a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning to wipe away lingering bad energy. Pay special attention to places where dust and grime collect unnoticed, such as baseboards and the tops of window and door frames. Cleansing stale energy is especially important if you’re selling an auction property, where the previous tenants or owners may not have wanted to leave their home. Those lingering energies can make a house feel cold and unhappy. Clean houses attract good energy and make people feel welcome.

Create a Flow from Room to Room

Consider the flow of chi when arranging furniture. Avoid blocking entrances with large piece. Instead, place beds, sofas and large dressers or tables to the side of or opposite doors. Walk through the rooms and note any places where you have to skirt furniture or walk around it to enter or leave a room. Rearrange those areas to promote a healthy flow of chi.

Focus on the Front Door

A welcoming front door is essential to engaging buyers and renters. Introduce curved lines to soften sharp edges and avoid decorative accents that are straight, pointy and sharp. If the path to the house is straight, for example, soften it with a curving flower bed along one side or place potted plants on the side of the steps.

Make the Foyer Welcoming

Placing a mirror opposite the front door is a time-honored home staging trick that has good grounding in feng shui. Home staging professionals believe that buyers who “see” themselves inside your home are more likely to buy or rent. Feng shui practitioners also recommend placing mirrors near front doors to catch bad energies and reflect them back outside.

Create Elemental Harmony

Feng shui focuses on balancing the elements of wood, earth, metal, fire and water. Consider how to bring each of these elements into the decor of each room, either through color or materials to provide a harmonious balance.

Take advantage of the principles of feng shui when you stage a rental or sale property and watch your closing percentages climb.


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