Developing a personal workout routine to stick to every day can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a beginner. First of all, you need to understand and familiarize yourself with the basic exercises before you move to other hard and intense drills. You should also be ready to mix things up and don’t be afraid to lift weights. More importantly, you should be ready to stick to a workout program that works for you in order to reap the benefits. Malaysia has a wide range of world-class gym facilities in which you can check in anytime, whether you want to lose weight or stay fit. But before anything else, it’s worth knowing that experts recommend 3 different kinds of exercises for beginners when starting out. This guide shares with you all of these top exercise essentials to make your workout routine easy and fun.1

  1. Cardiovascular activity. Begin by doing an aerobic activity, such as cycling, walking, or running for about 10-20 minutes in the first few weeks. To ensure you’re working at a high level, gradually increase the time by 3-5 minutes in each of the following weeks. Push yourself hard until you can complete a 30-minute session successfully. When this becomes easily manageable, you can push yourself further and try to do a 150-minute session like many experienced athletes, and fitness lovers do.2
  2. Strength conditioning. Start doing at least one set of exercises, which target each of the vital muscle groups. Use appropriate weights when you perform any exercise, at least 8-12 times in each set. When you think you’re ready to do more, gradually increase either the number of sets, weight, or series of repetitions. Do some strength training at least twice every week, and never work the same body part 2 days in a row to get the best results.3
  3. Flexibility training. Experts recommend doing slow and sustained static stretches, at least 3-7 days every week. Each stretch should last between 10-30 seconds to reap the most benefits. Moreover, you can measure the intensity of your exercise by checking your pulse or heart rate during each physical activity. Make sure your target heart rate is between 50%-70%, as this would mean you’re exercising at an optimum level.

Thinking it’s the high time to start exercising? If you do, you’ve taken the first and most important step to developing a new and strong body and mind. Developing a workout routine can dramatically help you lose weight and look more toned and trim. However, you must make sure you exercise regularly and stick to a workout program to reap its huge benefits. Joining a gym in Malaysia can easily get you started on any workout regime. Make sure to follow all instructions given by your trainer when working on the basic exercise essentials listed in this guide. And in case you have any physical condition or health issue, share it with your gym instructor to prevent further injuries. Working out should be fun—not the opposite!