The country of Singapore has several trading choices available for the novice and seasoned trader. A hands on trading seminar may assist in setting up a new and profitable trading account. There are several choices to make, and a new trading account can easily be started.





Online Guru Trader (OGT) Methodology

A free trading seminar is available from The seminar includes several trading techniques that may be used by a novice and seasoned trader, and these trading techniques include the following:

1. A novice trader can choose to open an individual trading account that allows the trading decisions to be made by the account owner. A new trader can use the tools available on the website to make strategic decisions about when and what to trade.

2. Each new account is opened with a designated amount of funding to be used to begin trading. This deposit stays in the trading account in order for any leverage to be used against this amount for further trading.

3. There are several strategy plans that may be used to trade in each account. These OGT plans can include a technical analysis of each chart decision. Each account has a selection of studies that may be brought down from a list of charts and applications.

4. A new trader may choose to place an account within a certain trading strategy that is completed by the morning or completed within a few days. The account is left to trade as the market profits from certain trading choices made. This is a type of structured or automated trading.


The OGT MethodologyTM

The OGT MethodologyTM



Choosing the OGT Methodology

The Online Guru Trader methodology can be used by novice and seasoned stock traders, Forex investors, and options experts. A success rate of 2% to 5% profit each month is a standard goal with the OGT method of trading. The seminar available covers all of the trading information needed to successfully trade, and this information includes the following:

1. The seminar offered by OGT is for five days. Live trading is offered during these sessions. Trading tips are given, and an expert trader may be followed in order to watch certain techniques of trading.

2. A twelve month support is offered after the trading seminar is complete. The market course includes OGT analysis methods and methods of forecasting market direction.

3. Trading tips are sent to each seminar participant’s email inbox and mobile phone. This alert information may be used to complete 4 to 6 real time trades each month following the completed trading seminar.


Online Guru Trader - Your Personal Trading Coach

Online Guru Trader – Your Personal Trading Coach


The OGT seminar is available for novice and seasoned traders within the Singapore area. The hands on trading classes include an Online Guru Trader investment method, forecasting market analysis, 12 months of coaching support after the seminar is complete, and trading tips sent to the participant’s email inbox and mobile phone. There is a 200% refund policy for those traders who are not satisfied with the trading seminar.