The Bugis area in Singapore has quickly drawn young socialites, investment bankers and other affluent professionals to the area. The sophisticated way of life in the Bugis area is a major draw for young professionals who want to live it up. Singapore is renowned for its luxurious lifestyle. A thriving art scene, couture boutiques and excellent eateries also make the Bugis area worth exploring as a place to live.

Virtually any type of condo living arrangement is available in Bugis. Whether you want to live in a sophisticated high-rise condo building or would like to live in a residential elegant townhouse, you can find an option that is right for you. As you learn more about Bugis and all that it has to offer, here are some of the best SOHO apartments you may want to consider.


1. DUO Residences in Bugis Area

The DUO complex is a top-rated complex in the Bugis area. The building is one of the most prestigious structures throughout Singapore. Each modern unit offers a breathtaking view of the city. The building also contains a 5-star hotel, restaurants and boutiques. If you are looking for a condo that has an ultra-modern style, this is likely one of your best options in Singapore. This amazing Singapore CBD commercial property also has numerous amenities to offer residents (see Duo modern condo new launch). Some of the luxurious amenities include a sun deck, sky pool, Jacuzzi, patio gym and aqua gym equipment. A total of four pools are located in the DUO complex.

Duo Residences Designed by Internationally Renowned Architect, Buro Ole Scheeren





2. The Scotts Tower

The Scotts Tower is another popular SOHO building in Singapore. What makes this space incredible is its ability to offer a balanced lifestyle. The building features WiFi pods that can be rented to meet with clients. Also, each unit contains customizable space that clients can design to their satisfaction. The highly functional spaces will appeal to those who have a busy work schedule and are always on the go.


The Scotts Tower




3. Hamilton Scotts Apartments

For those young professionals who have a beloved sports car or two, the Hamilton Scotts apartment complex may offer an appealing unique solution to the parking problem. In most hotel complexes, a luxury sports car owner is forced to store a vehicle in an underground garage space. Owners frequently feel concerned about leaving a car in an underground garage space, even if security guards watch over the space. In the Hamilton Scotts complex, owners can store their sports cars directly within their high-rise unit. The complex utilizes an innovative elevator service to provide residents with en suite sky garages. The sky garages allow residents to put their vehicles on display and also feel more secure about the safety of their vehicles. A total of 54 penthouse suites are available in the complex.





The Hamilton Scotts ‘Sky Garage Apartments’, Scotts Road.




If you are looking to embrace a sophisticated way of life, you may want to consider moving into one of these high-rise buildings. Each high-rise building has something unique to offer a young professional. Whether you care about fitness, life balance or your sports cars, you can find the optimal living situation in Singapore.