It’s that scary time of the year again! If you’re going to celebrate Halloween this month, there are a few things about Halloween makeup and removal tips that you must know to avoid clogged pores and skin breakouts. Compared to the regular makeup products, Halloween makeup is different and could be more toxic than your usual makeup.

Dermatologists have warned that costume or Halloween makeup contain waxes and oils, fragrances, and artificial dyes. All of these ingredients can irritate the skin and causes breakouts and clogged pores if you aren’t careful in removing them. Follow these five important removal tips after you had a fun and frightful night out:20-ways-to-make-face-embellishments-work-for-you9

  1. Take out the embellishments on your face Before you do anything else, start with taking out embellishments such as sequins, rhinestones and any small decorative things glued on your face. This will make removing your makeup and cleaning your face easier, and to make sure that no parts of the makeup is left unwashed. Don’t dig your fingernails when taking the embellishments out, use soft Q-tips instead. This will avoid you from scarring and scratching your skin. Also, try to use latex-based glue when applying your embellishments so you can remove them easily later.makeupremover
  2. Use oil-based cleanser to remove makeup Since a typical costume or Halloween makeup kit contains silicones, pigments, waxes and oils, it’ll be hard to remove them using a regular face wash. Use oil-based cleansers or removers instead to break down all of those hard-to-wash ingredients. Clarins has some of the best makeup removers that are oil-based and can be used for this purpose. When removing makeup and washing your face, use your fingertips (make sure your hands are clean and dry) and dab some of the cleanser/remover on your face. Massage your face slowly and evenly apply them throughout your face.beautyblender-cleansers
  3. Rinse and repeat Once the cleanser/remover is applied evenly on your face, splash water on your face and keep massaging your face. Do this repeatedly until your makeup starts to dissolve and keep rinsing your face until the water turns clear. Wipe your face off gently with a clean cloth.routine7
  4. Clean out any leftover areas on your face Make sure that you didn’t leave any trace of makeup on your face. See if there’s any spots left on your hairline, hard to reach areas (like the inner nose), and get rid of any remaining glitter bits. Triple check if your face is completely clean before you move on to moisturise your face.moisturising-your-face
  5. Moisturise your face Finally, remember to moisturise your face. For this purpose, try to use raw organic jojoba oil. Not only is it nourishing for the skin, it’s also gentle on any skin type. Your skin will be left as soft as a baby in the morning with the oil’s natural and extra-rich emollients.

Do these step by step before you sleep. While taking off makeup is time-consuming, treating bad skin could take even longer (and costs you more). If possible, try to use natural, organic made makeup products (which you can use for other times as well) instead of using costume or Halloween makeup kit. Never, ever go to bed with makeup on or you’ll end up with bad skin. Aim to have a frightful looking makeup, not a frightful skin.