You’ve mastered your degree in education and have decided to go into private school teaching. Now, what do you do? Finding a teaching job at private schools is a bit different than public schools, but with these tips, you’ll be well on your way.



Colleagues, friends, and family can go a long way in helping your secure a job in a private school. A phone call letting the employer know that you were referred by someone they know, definitely helps you stand out. Build your network by attending national private school conferences, such as the NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) Annual Conference. This way you are able to build your teaching skills as well as network with a number of different people. Networking sites such as LinkedIn, ISED and ISEN are also great for building friends and colleagues.


Job Boards and Websites

Individual schools often post their vacancies on job listing sites, so be sure to search various private school sites for job listings. Sites such as CAPE, NAIS and Klingenstein Center keep excellent up-to-date private school listings.


Private School Placement Agencies

There are several agencies who represent, counsel and match educators with independent school. Some include Carney, Sandoe and Associate, Independent School Placement and Southern Teaching Agency, to name a few.


  • Carney, Sandoe and Associate (CS&A) – places educators with independent and like-kind schools throughout the world.


Carney, Sandoe and Associate (CS&A)

Carney, Sandoe and Associate (CS&A)




  • Independent School Placement – matches teachers and administrators with independent schools in New Jersey, New York and its suburbs. An interview is required in order to determine placement.
Independent School Placement

Independent School Placement



  • Southern Teaching Agency – helps candidates find jobs in private/independent schools around the South.
Southern Teaching Agency

Southern Teaching Agency



Check with a Private School

Visit private schools in your area, and give them a copy of your cover letter and resume, and ask about becoming a volunteer in the classroom. This way, when positions become available, the school administration will most likely remember you, which can help give you an advantage in the private school employment competition.

Becoming a TOC (teacher on call), is another great way to showcase your teaching ability, and get your name out there. Strive for excellence in the classroom, so private school teachers will remember you and request your name when they need a TOC. Pretty soon, other teachers and staff will know who you are, which will greatly increase your chances of landing a private school teaching position when openings become available.

Most private schools require experience in the classroom, so be sure to volunteer and and assist where you can, in order to gain experience for the job.