Most men shave their faces each day. Since this is the norm, you should learn how to get the closest shave possible. The entire process relies on using the proper technique and quality products. Post-shave, it is essential to use skincare for men that prevents pain from razor burn as well. Here are tips that will help you achieve the best results.

Prepare Your Skin’s Surface 

Experts recommend properly preparing your skin before shaving. Hair should be removed, but your skin’s integrity must be upheld. If you have a thick beard, all the hair must be wet thoroughly. Wet hair is easier to cut. Shaving a dry face is a sure way to develop razor burn or a rash.

Use the Correct Tools 

To achieve a smooth shave, you must have a quality shaving brush. This helps raise your hair so that a close cut is possible. Also, it creates a nice lather with the shaving cream and helps eliminate dead skin.

It is important to allow the shaving cream to sit on your face for at least three minutes so that hair becomes softened even further. Applying the cream with a good brush helps push it into the hair. A badger brush helps lift hair and coat each strand with cream, which makes shaving easier.

During shaving, your razor is your most important tool. A single or double-blade can be used, but the instrument must be sharp. If it contains any nicks, it must be discarded immediately. Otherwise, the same blade can be used up to two weeks before it is replaced.

Proper Razor Technique 

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jeff Benabio explains many men shave too close and aggressively, which causes red bumps and irritation. On areas where your skin is thin and sensitive, including your neck, it is important to shave with the grain. This prevents redness and ingrown hairs. Also, it is wise to shave with a single stroke and to rinse the blade with water before each new swipe. If your razor feels as though it is tugging on your beard, it is time to change the blade. A dull razor can agitate hair follicles.

Cleanse After Shaving 

Your skin is most vulnerable after a shave. By rinsing your face with warm water and a facial wash, you will cleanse, soothe, and heal your skin.

Since shaving removes up to two layers of skin, it is recommended to apply an after shave for men. It is best to use a product that moisturizes your skin. You will be able to find an after shave formula designed to provide hydration without causing your face to become greasy or shiny.

Achieving the closest shave possible requires effort and good tools. Rushing a shave causes damage to your face. Following the above tips will make sure you remove hair and protect your skin. Uncovering a solid line of skincare for men will provide products that soften hair and heal skin after shaving. You will be able to enjoy results similar to a professional shave.