Most grown men would have to shave their face to maintain professionalism at the workplace, or just to look neat. Follow these five easy steps to get the closest shave in no time:1

  1. Prep your face If you normally dive straight into shaving your face, now is the time to do a little prep. Rinse your face with warm water and soap to remove dead skin cells and excess oil. Alternatively, you can also take a hot shower prior to shaving. This will moisten your face and open up pores, making it smoother to shave later. Another way is to place a warm moist towel over your face and leave it for a few minutes. A good prep helps to prevent you from getting skin friction, cuts, razor burns and irritation.2
  2. Use a good shaving cream What makes a shaving cream good? It should be creamy and rich in texture, and not foamy. Such texture will provide you with better lubrication and moisturises your facial hair. For those with sensitive skin, remember to use products that are formulated for your skin type. Avoid using aerosol-type products containing toxic chemicals, as they’ll make your skin dryer.4
  3. Pick the right shaving brush If you’ve never used a shaving brush before, it would be a good investment as the right brush can give you the closest and smoothest shave. There are four types of brushes to choose from: synthetic brush, horse brush, boar brush, and badger brush. Choose a brush that has bristles with the nice balance between softness for lathering and stiffness for raising the facial hair upward. Most experts recommended the badger brush. A good brush also helps to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells which reduces the risks of blemishes, razor bumps, and irritations.4
  4. Use the right brushing technique When applying the cream using the brush, you don’t have to use a lot of them. To know the right amount needed, read the cream’s instruction manual. When brushing, the right technique is to use a circular motion around the areas with facial hair. Do it in upward strokes only.



  5. Use a good, sharp razor with the right angle Whatever kind of razor you are using, make sure the blade is sharp. Avoid using razors with dull blades as they can cause razor burn and itchiness. If you have to shave on a daily basis, you have to replace the blade or cartridge if you are using a safety razor every 5-10 shaves. When shaving, do it at the right angle by starting at a 90-degree angle before rolling it down to a 30- to 45-degree angle. If you need to re-shave, remember to re-lather to stay lubricated and avoid skin irritation and cuts. Rinse your face with cold water after you are done. Finally, apply an after shave balm to prevent dry, irritated skin.

You may think that shaving is another simple daily or weekly routine, and thus should not be treated as a complicated ritual. However, it is more than just simply gliding a razor over your cheek and chin. It takes an effort to do it the right way so you will not damage your skin. Remember the five steps mentioned the next time you’re going for a clean-cut look. Your skin will thank you.