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Most people around the world usually confuse luxurious travel to excessive spending. Because of this, they needlessly subscribe to different loyalty programs in order to travel luxuriously to their dream travel destination. What they don’t realise is they can do it as well without actually spending a fortune in the process. If you are an OCBC credit card holder, you can make your dream trip come true without subscribing to loyalty programs. One of the benefits of premier bank Mastercards is you can convert your accumulated credit card reward points to airline miles.

Simple Life Hacks to Make Your Travel Luxurious

If you want to travel in absolute luxury but you don’t want to spend cash to shoulder both the airline tickets and pocket money, you can use your OCBC MasterCard credit card to reach your favourite travel destinations. Here are some other things that you can do to make sure that you travel in absolute luxury using only your credit card reward points:18uloxcegkeaqjpg

  • Use your credit card often. You don’t need to actually use your credit card to purchase an airline ticket to go to your intended destination. Just use your credit card on your regular purchases frequently and let it earn reward points. Other credit card companies would usually tell you to wait for two to three weeks to redeem your credit card reward points. This results in not being able to book your travel on your desired date. However, you don’t need to go through that hassle in OCBC. The points that you earn using your credit card can be used to redeem flights on all airlines through the use of their “Voyage Miles” via their Voyage Exchange concierge service.early-booking-deals
  • Early booking. Booking your flight and hotel accommodation early will definitely help you save some money and avoid trouble. Booking your accommodation and flight tickets two to three months ahead of your intended travel date is usually cheaper, thus saving you money in the process.
  • Package promo/deals. If you like to travel frequently, searching for promo deals will help you get a safe and luxurious trip. You don’t have to worry about the tiny details about your holiday trip because the companies that offer these promo tours will take care of it for you. All you have to do on that date is to relax and enjoy what’s in store for you.proactivity
  • Be proactive. Some hotels offer their guests an opportunity to upgrade their rooms (for a small amount of money, of course). For those who like to travel to exotic places, such as the Maldives, you can use this chance to get a room near a spectacular view. Make sure that you do this ahead of your arrival schedule in order to avoid hassle once you get there.

Luxurious travel should never be complicated and expensive. In fact, it should only be a reward to yourself and not a burden. The whole point of using credit card reward points is to reward yourself for your frequent use of your plastic card. By using your OCBC credit card reward points and doing the above-mentioned tips, you can surely experience relaxing and lavish travel during your holiday trip. Just make sure that you plan your travel ahead in order to maximise your reward points.