It is important for any management to identify if their employees are still engaged and interested in their jobs. In a published data on employee engagement, it was revealed that personnel exhibit different signs when they start to feel restless inside the organization. While it is not a good thing to spy on your employees or pry into their personal lives, it’s considered prudent to check on their behavior every once in a while.

Here are 5 signs that your employee is bored:1

  1. The employee is often absent.

If one of your best or top employee starts to call in sick often, he might be exploring employment options elsewhere. It is possible that the employee is no longer interested in the job he or she is doing regardless of the compensation and benefits. It is imperative to conduct interviews and find out the reasons behind consistent absences. Just be sure to approach him or her in a non-threatening manner.2

  1. Constant complaints.

It is normal for employees to complain about their boss every so often.  But once an employee starts to complain without justified reasons, then this becomes a problem. Uncharacteristic complaints almost always lead to a wish list to leave the company. Open a discussion with your employee and find out if this behavior is due to exhaustion or discontent.3

  1. Employees surfing the net during work hours.

If employees are doing something more exciting like watching videos on YouTube instead of filling out paperwork, this is a clear sign of boredom. This action is considered as a time-filler and is an indication that your employee is no longer enthusiastic about his tasks.4

  1. Employee lacks motivation.

Human Resources is tasked with keeping employees happy and enthusiastic about their work as well as the company. Career management plans should be in place to make sure that employees have something to look forward to. A clear career path will motivate and encourage employees to do better and exert more effort.5

  1. When employees don’t engage in meetings.

Meetings are good opportunities not only for the management, but for the employees to voice out their opinion, ideas and suggestions. But if an employee remains quiet and non-responsive all throughout a meeting and you see some yawning and droopy eyes, then you are most certain that they are bored. Get them to talk and ask them for their suggestions and ideas. Make them feel that they are involved and their cooperation is wanted and required.

People management is a challenging task that every company should learn to handle well. It is always best to be sensitive to your personnel’s attitude and behavior to make sure they’re appreciated and motivated.