With the introduction of the GPS (global positioning system), keeping up with people, places and things has become almost fashionable. No longer restricted to not having a clue where items or people may be, the GPS is a convenient, although intrusive, method of finding out. The element of trust is replaced with electronic certainty.

For personal tracking the device can locate any mapped area on the entire planet, but it is doubtful globetrotting is the norm to all that own a GPS. Remember the last time you could not locate your spouse or significant other that took the car hours earlier? Well, with the vehicle tracking mode you can play secret agent in real time. Though most would object to the invasion of privacy afforded with the use of a GPS in that regard, as mentioned previously, it is the current fad for aspiring sleuths.

This one you are going to love; the long awaited GPS tracker for kids. Now, the idea seems harmless enough and may actually prove beneficial in certain circumstances like, God forbid, the abduction of a child where the GPS could possibly save a life. On the other hand, to track your kids for the sake of being nosy will not pass the test as a trusting mom or dad. Perhaps we as parents rely to heavily on gadgets instead of parenting.

A final locating tool is the asset tracking or locating physical assets, or the GPS technology that accompanies cellular phones which give a signal that is retrievable as long as the battery is strong enough to continue emitting a signal. Reminiscent of losing the remote control at home, should you lose your cell phone, technological advances make finding it a breeze. By the way, has anyone seen my car keys, I left my GPS device at home?

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