Kuala Lumpur 

Kuala Lumpur city is the capital of Malaysia; Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia just north of the equator. Malaysia is home to one of the most beautiful beaches, forests, and national park. Kuala Lumpur commonly known as KL by the local communities is arguably one of the favourite destinations for tourists; it attracts millions of visitors every year. Traveling to Kuala Lumpur is simply a lifetime experience. The city boasts some of the most spectacular buildings, ranging from ultra-modern towers to unique Petronas towers connected with Double Decker Bridge one of its kinds.

Kuala Lumpur is home to the world’s most famous designer labels and brands and excellent products made in Malaysia. The city has a well-established transport network that enables visitors to move around the city conveniently and economically. Visitors can enjoy taxi services and efficient bus services around the city. The visitor can access money exchanging services as well as in all commercial banks and licensed money exchangers at airports, hotels.
Shopping in Kuala Lumpur 

Kuala Lumpur is the country’s commercial hub; there are many attractive shopping destinations. Visitors have an opportunity to get high-end fashion. The Bukit Bintang, for example, provides a larger collection of desirable goods. Also, the city has upmarket malls such as the Pavilion and Suria, which is home to global brands such as Jimmy Choo, Diane Von and much more. Additionally, travellers can visit local markets and buy some of the countries local and traditional goods. The prices in Kuala Lumpur are competitive, but buyers can bargain to get favourable prices.
Where to visit in Kuala Lumpur 

Kuala Lumpur has incredible sites where you can visit and make your holiday adventures and more so enjoyable. Some of the priority areas are:
• Petronas twin towers
This is a unique building designed in such a way that they are connected by a double Decker sky bridge. Its surrounding areas are very exemplary featuring the famed Lake Symphony and children playground.
• Genting Skyway
Found in Jalang Batang, this is the world’s fastest mono cable car system making trips to Genting Highlands.
• Tropical rainforest
Here you will enjoy the green scenery and enjoy a cooking gateway at Bayan Indah established by Chef Rohani Jelani.
• Aquaria full of sharks at KLCC
This aquarium allows you to have an experience with sharks while safely in an underwater cage.
• Tamarind Springs
This is a restaurant in the jungle built like a resort where you can have some fun outside the city.

The Makan Kitchen indian section is where a mix of Northern and Southern Indian cuisine is served. Chefs prepare their own specialty spices which form the heart and soul of Makan Kitchen?s Indian dishes.

Hotel, Accommodation, and Food 

While on your visit to Kuala Lumpur, you can find incredible accommodation and food services in luxurious hotels near Sentul. Some of the hotels in this area include Hotel Seniman Sentul, Archeotel Hotel, and Duta Hotel & Restaurant. You will have an opportunity to enjoy excellent Malaysian cuisines in these hotels. Food and accommodation are offered at affordable prices. Kuala Lumpur is, therefore, the perfect destination for you to spend your holiday, honeymoon and vacation.