Parenting has become a greater challenge especially today that technology seems to have taken over the world. They no longer have time to do more physical activities which they need for them to grow and function better; instead kids today have been immersed into the world of iPad, tablets, and computer that do them more harm than good than you could ever realize.

Luckily, there are some fun learning activities for your kids in KL that you can include in their daily routine and the catch? You can do them even inside the comfort of your own homes.

Fun Indoor Learning Activities for Kids

1.       Marble Run

Image result for marble runIf you want to involve your kids into science while making sure they don’t miss out on all the fun, marble run is a sure fire way to do it. This may be bought in Toy stores or you may do it on your own by using materials you can easily find at home like foam tubes, tape, and marbles. Let your kids explore the world of Physics by showing the works of gravity as it pulls the marble down the hills. This activity also encourages improvement kid’s problem solving skills through harder marble run tracks and if you have more than one (1) child, this could also improve their collaboration skills.

2.       Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Image result for indoor scavenger hunt for kidsScavenger hunt is usually played outside but this could be easily made indoor through the list of things the players will search for. You can also create themes for your game to make your kids more involved and excited. What makes scavenger hunt a great activity is that it improves their motor and social skills as it involves running around with other players. In addition, it also develops their navigation skills in searching for the things being required by the game. Based on the given set of instructions, you can also improve their patience by letting them wait for the succeeding clues.

3.       Play Dough

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Your kids need activities that may help them practice and improve their motor skills better especially as it is the time of their lives that their bodies grow and develop. Play dough is one of the most recommended toys for kids as they grow as it is known the improve kids motor skills through the rolling and squeezing of the dough to come up with different creations. Moreover, playdough also encourages improvement in your kid’s creativity. You can get them involved in this activity by giving them some shapes and things to imitate or you may just allow them to create cool and unique creation freestyle.

4.       Baking

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Baking may seem like a big leap of a learning activity to do with your kids but this will surely jumpstart the development of many of their skills. For starters, baking may provide them hands-on practical experience in cooking as well as improve skills such as measuring, following directions, and reading. They can also have a better grasp at Math and Science through the mixing and measuring of ingredients in measuring cups and tools.  You can also encourage them to use their creative skills in designing or icing the finished product or their senses in ensuring the excellent taste of the things you intend to bake. You may do this activity with your kids aged 5 and above to be safe.

Ensuring the growth and safety of your kids are just some of the topmost priorities of every parent. Knowing that there are great and fun learning activities for kids will also make you more hands-on in parenting them as they grow. As they say, your kids will just be kids once. And it is best for you to be there for them in this journey.