Maplestory 2, a free-to-play mmorpg, was developed by NSquare. Understanding how to speed your levelling from one to 30 in a little over 10 hours can add to the efficiency of playing the game. Levelling in the game boils down to getting as much experience as fast as possible. To do that, you will want to group up with other players in the game and deal the maximum level of damage to the monsters because this will give you the full experience points. You do have a tutorial, but if you have experience with playing, then it is not really necessary. They just explain obvious things that will slow down your levelling efforts.


When you group with people, you want to check into a zone that has a great spawning area and a flat open area because this will increase your levelling capabilities. While you can quest when playing Maplestory 2 and it will add some extra experience points to your levelling efforts, you can often kill much faster in a group. For example, if you are in the middle of a courtyard, you can stand in the middle and wait for the spawns to attack. This will give you extra experience. The problem with questing in Maplestory is that it will only take you so far. After a certain point, you will need to grind anyway, which is what this method relies on is group grinding. If you have to grind to finish a quest, you might as well take on the quest in the process.


After you have hit level 21, you will want to visit the spawning levels with zombies. Zombies will be much faster at this level, and they have a marvellous spawn rate that will rocket you through the levelling process. Another advantage is that the spawns will be spread out when playing in the zombie locations. That means that you can position yourself for the kill more easily without dying.


Why else should players choose group grinding over questing the game? Gamers should choose this method of levelling because it also gives you access to random gear drops. That can be exceptionally helpful later in the game when you will need the gear for performing better. Warriors in close combat can inflict an extra hit, which means that you can inflict more damage. Try to clear them as fast as possible because otherwise, the neighbouring monsters will bump into you, and you could lose HP. Remember this rule: You want to level as fast as possible, but you do not want to die. That might sound fairly obvious, but every time you die, you will lose valuable time that you could have spent levelling.

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