Pasta! Who does not know about this delicious food? Well, it is not only a tasty food, but it is also very healthy too. This Italian food is popular all over the world. However, Pasta is also popular in Singapore as there are hundreds of Italian hotels in Singapore. This article is all about Pasta in Singapore, but before that let’s know few interesting facts about Pasta.

When was the first dish of Pasta made? 
Do you know where Pasta first made? Well, most people knows that it is an Italian food and first made in there. However, do you know when the first dish of Pasta made and from when people started to eat this delicious food? If you do not know, let’s give the answer.
Pasta is a traditional Italian food which was first made in Sicily in 1154. After that, its taste spread all over the Italy and day by day all over the world.

Which ingredients need to make Pasta? 
Pasta is one kind of noodle. The primary ingredients of basic Pasta are wheat flour of durum wheat. However, different grains are being used to make this food regionally, and the most used ingredients are – buckwheat, rice, barley, maize, chestnut, rye, etc.
Types of Pasta? 
You cannot imagine that a single food can contain hundreds of variation unless you know about the types of Pasta. If you decided to taste all the variety of Pasta, hope you may not be able to complete your mission so easily because all of them are not available in a single country. Yes, few variations are quite regional and not known widely. However, it does not matter you can taste them all or not; it is not any tough to know about the primary types of pasta. Well, all variations of pasta are divided into seven categories, and they are:
a. Long Pasta.
b. Ribbon Cut Pasta.
c. Short Cut Extruded Pasta.
d. Decorative Cuts.
e. Minute Pasta.
f. Stuffed Pasta.
g. Irregular Shapes.


Nutrition in Pasta 
As the primary ingredient is wheat, Pasta contains a lot amount of starch. It also includes vitamins and minerals directly from wheat and other ingredients. Pasta also contains a decent amount of iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, selenium and other minerals.
Whole wheat pasta is healthier and contains more nutrients than a white pasta as it does not contain any artificial ingredients.

Pasta in Singapore 
There is a huge number of Italian restaurants in Singapore who serves pasta as a primary dish on their menus. So that, Pasta became a traditional Singaporean food day after day. Local chefs trained in Italian restaurants and learned how to make Italian dishes. After that, they started to make the Italian foods in their Singaporean style, so Pasta gets an Italian/Singaporean variation in Singapore. So, if you are going to visit Singapore, don’t forget to taste it.
Like other products, foods are also available in online shopping. Like other countries, Pasta is also available in online shopping in Singapore. So, if you visit Singapore, you can also enjoy this food without going to the restaurant.