Penang is one of the most populous despite being the second to the smallest state of Malaysia, Perlis. Over 1.7 million residents may be enough to say that it is an ideal place to live in. The big population also makes it good for business.

Whether you are looking for a new neighborhood or a business opportunity, Penang would be a good place. However, you need to have buy or rent one of the available Penang properties before you can start. Below are the things you need to remember when buying or renting a property in Penang.

penang property

Penang is a small state having around 1,000 square kilometers. It should be easy to choose the location where you want to live or where you want to do business. The most important thing you should remember is that it should be near the facilities and amenities of the state if you are looking for a residential property. If what you are looking for is a commercial property, you should choose the one that is in an area where there are lots of people. Maybe you could choose the ones near the work areas or near several neighborhoods.

It all depends on the kind of business and the target market you have. Since Penang is divided into two – Penang Island and Province Wellesley – you need to choose carefully. Some of the best choices are the Penang Island, Seberang Prai, Sungai Petani and Kulim. These are the ones consisting the greater Metropolitan area of Penang. Properties in these areas are great for residential and business purposes. As a resident, you could get easy access to stores, malls, and other establishments. As a businessman, you could get a lot of customers from these areas and from surrounding areas.

Your best option when planning to buy or rent a property is to look for a reliable real estate company or independent agent. You could tell them your preferences and they could look for all the available options. Usually, they already have the available options so you just need to wait a few moments so they can sort out the Penang properties that would match your needs.