Going out with the girls? A lot of women would wear makeup, regardless of the occasion. Even when going to work, a lot of women and even men would still wear makeup because of a lot of reasons. So, regardless of reasons, here are some of the makeup routine to diversify your current daily routine.


Related imageAre you tired of having more than ten steps in making sure your makeup’s all good before going out for the day? If yes, then here’s a guide to simplify your makeup that can save time without jeopardizing your glow!

1. Start with a Foundation

Make sure that you find the best makeup line foundation for your skin. Remember that it’s the first step and it holds your makeup together, so find the best foundation which is best for your skin type.

2. Don’t Forget to Conceal

Make sure to apply the product correctly to avoid it being cakey under your eyes. Also, find a product that best suits your skin. Check out the Instant Concealer from Clarins is one of the best concealers for dark circles.

3. Powder Up

Apply powder using your kabuki brush. Make sure to apply in a circular motion to get that natural look. Once you’re done, add a little blush or go full on a drunk blush effect.

4. The color of Your Eyes

Get on it and add colors to your eyes with your favorite eye shadow. To add more drama, don’t forget your mascara and eyeliner.

5. Last but Not the Lips

Are you going out for the night? If yes, then choose the best red lipstick on your makeup line. If you’re just going out for lunch, then you can opt to choose a nude lipstick.


Image result for WORK MAKEUPIf you’re going to work and going out with friends with the same makeup, then it’s pretty clear that you have to add something to your routine.

Actually, you can just follow the same process for your daily makeup look. However, to add a little bit more to ensure that you look fresh on a hectic workday, after applying your concealer, you can do the following:

● Bronze Up

Apply a bronzer on your cheekbones to add definition. Make sure to apply in the right places and don’t apply too much. Just use a bronzer to add a little shadow on your cheekbones.

● Highlight those Parts

Use a highlighter on your cheekbones, too. Add some definition on your eyes by applying a highlighter on your under eyes and chin. Make sure to blend the bronzer and highlighter properly to get the best results.

Remember that these are just suggestions for your daily or work makeup. And if you’re not up for it, you can still go out without makeup on. Using makeup is just another way to express yourself, and there are other means you can do that!

If you want to focus on your skincare routine instead of makeup, then go for it. Clarins and other trusted brands have a lot in store for you!