With so much uncertainty in our worldwide economy these days with the decreasing value of money, placing one’s investment money in gold or real estate is a sure bet in order to assure additional income. Property for sale, as with other real estate opportunities, are booming in Southeast Asia. The real estate industry in Southeast Asia is showing strength and growth. Real estate developers were recently awarded prestigious awards for their part in showing excellent developments of properties and architectural designs. Many developers feel that even though the real-estate industry has slowed greatly and suffered in this present economy, they also feel at the same time that there are unique opportunities hidden in the real estate arena. Property prices are expected to fall about another 25% in the coming months. Some states in Southeast Asia are experiencing as much as a 60% decline in property value. These prices are expected to rebound and then eventually decline again somewhat. Developers are temporarily being forced to cut their prices in order to attract new buyers. With the current high interest rates on property loans individuals are shying away from looking at a house for sale and going out on the limb with these purchases. The good news is that there remain great opportunities for investors to make money in real-estate in Southeast Asia. It is felt that Europe, the United States and the UK is where the money flow is headed due to properties being so under priced currently.

Crumbling business districts in many cities in Southeast Asia are now home to many redesigned hotels that show promise with their busy lobbies and increase business. Currently the government of foreign countries has deemed it illegal for foreigners to own properties such private homes, bungalows or condominiums in other countries. Foreigners can hold a long time lease for up to 30 years and some Southeast Asian countries allow foreigners to hold leases up to 50 years or longer. Governments are currently working together in order change some current laws that would release more buying and controlling power to the foreign investor for property in other countries.

The Southeast Asian government relates that thousands of visitors flocked the Southeast Asia areas and there were just not enough upper scale hotel rooms to accommodate the crowds. Next year, in 2012, government officials’ project double that amount in the tourist industry and can see a wealth of overbuilding to accommodate Southeast Asia’s demands.