Epi LasikYour eyes are important to your everyday life. Lasik surgery is done to improve your vision. It is important that you as the patient are well informed and know what to expect during, and after the procedure.

Lasik surgery is not for everyone. Many who have undergone Lasik surgery have excellent results. The procedure is quick, and painless. When at the Lasik surgery clinic, you should ask plenty of questions, and make sure you understand the procedure. Listed here are some of the important questions you should ask or consult your eye specialist in Singapore:

How much does a Lasik eye surgery cost?

This will depend on the type of surgery recommended to you during consultation. Some patients will require a custom Lasik or Epi-Lasik, tailored specifically for people who don’t immediately qualify for normal Lasik. Check with your clinic for individual quotes.

Will Lasik surgery eliminate my need for eye glasses, or contacts?
Maybe, some people who have this procedure done still require eye glasses, or contacts, but at a lower prescription.

Am I a good candidate for Lasik surgery?
Your doctor needs to carefully determine whether or not you are a good candidate. People who are not good candidates who have had Lasik surgery tend to have complications. Make sure your doctor knows everything about your health.

Which procedure will be used?
Your doctor may specialize in one, or may use several. The doctor should explain every step of the procedure with you. If you do not understand something, make sure to get your questions answered clearly.

Is the procedure painful?
For most people this procedure is free of pain, and quick. Each eye requires a couple of minutes, and the eye is numbed with drops. You are awake for the entire procedure.

Is there risk and complications?
Most people come through the procedure without complications. However there could be some Lasik side effects. Everyone is different. The doctor should discuss the risk, and complications before your surgery.

What happens during the surgery?
Your doctor will explain every step of the procedure. Make sure to have all your questions answered. Most patients are given eye drops to numb the area around the eye. Some patients even take a mild sedative if they are very nervous.

What should I expect after the surgery?
It is important to understand what to expect after your surgery. Every individual is different, some have no problems, or pain, and some do. Your doctor should discuss this with you prior to your surgery.

How long will recovery last?
Again, every individual is different. Some require a longer recovery than others. And every doctor is different, some doctors require a longer recovery than other doctors.

How do I care for myself after my surgery?
Your doctor will discuss this with you, and tell you when you can return to physical activities and work.

Will I have to miss work?
Probably yes, at least for a few days. Maybe longer depending on what type of work you do.

These are important questions to ask your doctor. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. Again, it is very important to you as an individual to understand clearly about any surgery you have done. A good doctor will discuss the procedure with you, and make sure you do understand clearly.