About an hour away from the nation’s capital, Port Dickson is a gem of a place for tourists and locals alike. Whether you are living in Kuala Lumpur or you are just visiting for business, a quick trip to PD can help you de-stress and recharge with the fun activities in store for you.


Most people visit this place for a weekend getaway, simply because it is easy to access and does not require you to travel far. You can either go there on a day trip or find a hotel to stay so you will have enough time discovering all fascinating spots in the area. If you are looking for ways to have fun in Port Dickson, here are well-recommended activities for you to enjoy.


  1. Military Wonderland


The Army Museum (MuziumTenteraDarat) is a favorite not only because it is family-friendly and educational, but because access to this nice destination is free. Visitors are allowed to sit on military vehicles on display, check out the weaponry, and explore an underground tunnel. Aside from the hands-on experience, you can also learn a thing or two about Malaysia’s history. If you are a mechanical nut, a fan of aircrafts, or just a naturally curious fellow, this place is perfect for you.


  1. Avian Awesomeness


If you are into birds and nature, the Ostrich Show Farm is a good place to visit while you are in Port Dickson.  This place boasts of keeping the animals’ surroundings as close to nature as possible, minimizing paved/concrete pathways to conserve the beauty of the area and make it a good place for the animals to thrive in. Aside from ostrich, the place also has other animals like ponies, donkeys, snakes, and rabbits.


  1. Art Adventure


You can impress your friends with interesting photographs that you can take at the Alive 3D Art Gallery, a gallery that has around 50 art pieces on display. The 3D installation creates stunning visual images that make for a mind-boggling photograph, as you can be part of the art itself. You can pretend like you are riding a bull, dancing with ballerinas, or having tea with the Mad Hatter. If you find yourself craving for more fun art adventures, you can also drop by the Upside-down Art Gallery, which is a place where you can create optical illusions by taking photographs at particular angles. trekking_tips


  1. Trekking Time


Even if you are not into trekking, going to Cape Rachado will be a good experience for you. It has a lighthouse overlooking the Straits of Malacca, and access to this place is a good 20-minute slightly uphill walk. On a clear day, this trekking site will give you an opportunity to admire the beauty of nature and the chance to get some exercise while on your trip as well.


  1. Sand and Sun


If you get tired of trekking, exploring art installations and interacting with animals, you can head off to the nearby beaches to relax with family and friends. Considering that Port Dickson is, in fact, a port, it is next to a lot of beaches where you can spend time under the sun while enjoying a nice view.  You can go to TanjungGemuk where people say that you might find turtles laying eggs, or go to the beach by Tanjung Tuan (also Cape Rachado, see above).


As a seaside destination, Port Dickson caters to all: children and adults, single travelers and groups. With the many interesting spots you can visit, PD is truly worth the one-hour drive from KL.