Types of Sponsorship – Golf Sponsorship

Golf is a multimillion-dollar sport with a worldwide audience and many excellent sportsmen and women. Every tournament is a sports marketing sponsorship opportunity. Golf athletes are masters of accuracy and patience, when they are on their game. Big prize money is split among the best participants in golf tournaments all over the world.

Golf sponsors provide golfing professionals, called golf pros, with funding and products to help pay for development of golf careers and promote the investing sponsor’s corporate products and company. Golf sponsors also contribute prizes, like fancy cars or lodging at hotels to golf tournament participants. Golf equipment manufacturers supply almost all the equipment and logo specific clothing a winning golf player needs.

Golfers who have not won in a large tournament yet have to find sponsorship from some place other than the major golf sponsors. They get money by helping promote equipment, appearing at golf clinics and other things the sponsors need help with.

The sports mechanics in golf is different from with larger spectator sports. Sponsors can often chose one difficult hole and offer some very special prize. Often the prizes are so big the sponsor insures the event on that hole so the insurance company pays for the prize. Anything imaginable is possible, even up to and including yachts and homes worth a million dollars.

Major golf events have sponsorship packages pre-printed for possible sponsors to review. As in other sports, the more money the sponsor contributes the more marketing assistance and advertising promotion they get.

Types of Sponsorships – Surfing Sponsorship

Another type of sports sponsorship is for the sport of surfing. Surfing is an international sport but nowhere near the size of other organized sports. However, there are many people, worldwide, that surf and equipment sales reach into the tens of millions of dollars a year. That opens the door for money for sponsorships.

Surfing sponsor mainly contribute essential equipment and swimwear, plus funding for travel worldwide to surfing competitions. The main equipment provided and therefore promoted are surfboards, sun block lotions, hair products and sport drinks.

Sponsors also hold surfing exhibitions in different locations worldwide at different times of the year. Because many people visualize themselves living the surfer lifestyle, personal promotion of products key surfers like is a big sport sponsorship channel.

Like other sports, the surfer who excels at performance in competitions and has the correct personality to connect with surfing fans is an important commodity. A lot of surfing sponsorship is grass root marketing aimed at getting more and more people interested in the sport of surfing. Helping in these efforts is another reason surfers are sponsored with the surfers speaking with fans at promotional events.