When putting a home on the Malaysian real estate market, staging it is one way to speed up the sale. The bathroom can make or break a deal to sell a home. In fact, the bathroom should get special attention to make it look perfect for a potential homebuyer. A fresh coat of paint is just the first step to making your bathroom ready for a new owner.

After Paint

Depending on your budget, many things will stage the bathroom for potential sale. The most important thing to remember is that new homebuyers want a new home. The bathroom must look unused. Start with the walls and floor tile. Every budget will include a fresh coat of paint, but the tile may be too expensive. If a new floor is not in the budget, the bathroom floor must be as clean as possible. There are many deep cleaning products available that will have the floor looking new in no time. Consider new bathroom quality rugs to hide any problem areas.

The walls include any tub or shower enclosure. These too can be expensive. Clean them in the same manner as the floor. Make them look as new and unused as possible. A new shower curtain will do wonders to clean up a bathroom for staging.


Minimize Accessories

Less is more when staging a bathroom to sell a house. Since any wall décor likely was removed for painting, leave them off. Replace any broke towel racks, soap dispensers and toilet paper holders. These will all show signs of wear and should look shiny and new. Purchase a new set of towels to compliment the room and only placed on the racks when preparing for a tour or open house.

No Nasty Fixtures, Toilets, Tubs or Sinks

Clean or replace the bathroom fixtures. Clean fixtures will shine in a staged bathroom. Most of the time, the fixtures are cleanable. For older, less attractive fixtures, replace them for that new look. Clean all stains from toilets, sinks and tubs. If these happen to be older and out of date, replace them with new.

Clean Before the Show

Always clean the bathroom thoroughly before potential buyers see it. Homebuyers want to see a bathroom that is clean and unused. Do not neglect any part of this room. A perfect bathroom will truly make or break the final sale. Do everything within your budget to get the house sold.

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