If you are like many urban dwellers who fancy a quick dash to the local casino for some entertainment and adrenaline rush, arm yourself with some expert tips and increase the chances of a good return for the night!

First of all, let me just say that, from a personal point of view, that I much prefer spending time in the casino on a Friday night compared to being in clubs or bars. It is more of a thrill to experience the game firsthand rather than cooped up in your chair at home playing online casino. There is nothing like the excitement of seeing your number light up on the Roulette table or the sight of a winning hand on the Blackjack table!      

I have always thought of playing in the casino no different than any other sport. You almost always need a strategy to “play the game”, but of course, if lady luck is on your side, it will definitely make the “game” so much more interesting! For me, there are essentially 2 main considerations to take into account when you make that quick Friday night trip to the casino.

The first consideration is time. A blitz isn’t a blitz if you are going to spend hours and hours trying. I normally have a specific timeframe in mind and whatever happens, I will make sure I stick to that timeframe. The other equally important consideration is capital. Stick to your capital and have a specific achievement target. Once the target is achieved, take it as a sign to say “that’s a good day’s work, let’s call it a day”.

Sometimes, on a different day of the week, I’ll  take to sports betting if a good football match is on and the chances of winning is high. Perhaps I should try my hand at poker as well – the online poker sites are a great start to learn strategies and play with other live opponents in a safe environment.

In short, keep the words “time” and “money” firmly in mind and you may well be rewarded with a handsome return for the night. Good luck!