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When it comes to spa pampering and heavenly massages, no city comes close to the quality of services you’ll get in the beautiful city of Bangkok. Some tourists even travel to the city for the sole purpose of indulging themselves in authentic Thai massage, facials, and other spa treatments. A trip to the city will never be complete without visiting one or two of their famous spas. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the best spas in the city.

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  1. The Shanghai Mansion Spa – If you are looking for natural treatments and traditional therapies, this is the place to visit. Shanghai Mansion is a comfortable Bangkok spa hotel wherein signature treatments include the Singing Bowls ritual and the Burasari. The latter is a combination of eastern and western practices which will give you an almost transcendental experience. The treatments pay the utmost attention to sound, light, touch, and feel to make sure that you get out of the oasis room relaxed and recharged.Image result for The Bangkok Float Center
  2. The Bangkok Float Center – This is without a doubt one of the most unique spas in the world. The center’s main service is called floating. You will be enclosed in a pod containing a tub of water where you can float, close your eyes, and meditate. The feeling of weightlessness is very relaxing. A lot of patrons claim they derive physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits from the experience.Image result for The Infinity Spa bangkok
  3. The Infinity Spa – The great thing about this spa is that they offer a wide array of services such as body relaxation, facial rejuvenation, and nail care. Among their most popular services is the aromatherapy treatment. This is a treatment known for utilizing natural oils extracted from flowers, plants, tree barks, roots, and leaves. It sure is a nice place to relax, detox, and re-energize your body.Related image
  4. The Baan Sabai Spa – Aside from offering the standard fare like body treatments, aroma massages, and facial treatments, this spa also offers hydrotherapy. This is a treatment option that utilizes water for body relaxation and pain relief.Related image
  5. The WatPo Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School – This is a center that practices the old and traditional medicinal culture of Thailand. Having yourself pampered here is great because not only will you get the relaxation you need, the whole experience is very educational as well.

Rejuvenating and refreshing. These two words perfectly describe the experience of having yourself pampered in an authentic Bangkok spa. It’s something you shouldn’t miss doing when you find yourself in town.