Purchasing an used car is an exciting time in anyone’s life, but it’s even more so when this is your first time. However, sometimes the eagerness and anticipation can blind you from really choosing the used car that will be best for you out on the road. That’s why we have come up with a list of the six greatest 2nd hand cars for first-time owners.


1. Mercedes-Benz Diesel

Very few people realize that Mercedes has built some of the most reliable and tank-like cars on the market. In fact, the diesel models that they put out actually had some of the biggest tanks ever made. When you use one of these cars, you can feel truly safe while out on the road. They are in great shape and can go hundreds of thousands of miles before you ever notice any problems that need fixing. Even if a part does end up breaking down on a Mercedes-Benz Diesel, the repairs are not costly at all.



Honda CRV has many features and it has strong utility and a dependability .


2. Honda CR-V

When the Honda CR-V was first created, it quickly became one of the hottest selling mini-SUV’s of all times. That’s because it is not only a relatively inexpensive car, but also offers utility and a dependability that is hard to find. Sure, some individuals find the Honda CR-V’s four-cylinder engine a bit underpowered but it is ideal for those that need the car just to get around town or for their daily commute. Besides this, the Honda CR-V also a bunch of different features that are perfect for first-time buyers like a collapsible center console and an in-car picnic table.



Toyota Tacoma is off-road capability as well as a strong build quality with four and six cylinder powerplants.


3. Toyota Tacoma

If you are looking to buy an used pickup truck, the Toyota Tacoma is the way to go. This is a vehicle that provides owners with an off-road capability as well as a strong build quality. That’s because it comes equipped with four and six cylinder powerplants. It’s these powerplants that allow the Toyota Tacoma to run well. The only issue most owners have with this vehicle is that it uses up a lot of fuel, but for an used car that is the least of anyone’s worries.



Nissan Versa has good reliability and spirited performance for buyer.


4. Nissan Versa

The Versa has always been one of Nissan’s best selling vehicles. That’s because it is mid-size, but still includes all of the features that first-time buyers need like good reliability and spirited performance. The interior of this vehicle is very visually appealing, which is definitely something to draw in those on the hunt for an used car. With this car, you do not have to worry about your vehicle breaking down on the road often. Instead, the Versa rarely needs repairs and when they do, it tends not to be anything major.



Mazda 6 has strong reputation and fast performance speed on the road.


5. Mazda 6

As mentioned with many of the other used cars, the Mazda 6 has a reputation for being very dependable on the road. When you’re driving around in this vehicle, you know that you will get to where you need to be. While this is definitely an important quality to look for in a car, many first-time buyers want the vehicle because of its high-powered speed. This car is known for its fast performance. You are left with a smooth ride every single time.



Mitsubishi Lancer has fancy technological advancements such as active noise canceling and titanium drive-shaft.


6. Mitsubishi Lancer

While the Mitsubishi Lancer is often rather expensive at face value, but when you buy it used, the vehicle becomes quite affordable. That’s why this is such a great car to purchase used because it comes with so many fancy technological advancements that every first-time buyer will want. For example, there is the onboard navigation, active noise canceling and titanium drive-shaft. There is even an all-where drive system put in that really leaves the driver with a great experience.