Google Adwords is the premiere pay per click system. Google Adwords’ reach is unparalleled. Google is the leader in search engine technology. This designation allows Adwords system to dominate the Pay Per Click market and grab a large market share of advertisers. No business can ignore the potential effect a strong Google Adwords campaign can have.

Google Adwords is a shift in the way a business conducts business. People who use Google are actively looking for a solution to a problem. This is a massive change in focus. Google Adwords allows businesses to stand in front of the traffic instead of trying to interrupt someone who may not be looking for a product or solution. A highly optimized Google Adwords campaign can be one of the most effective advertising mediums that a business can use.

A business which uses Google Adwords can have an ad running within 10 to 15 minutes. The speed of the system allows a business to make an offer to a group of people in no time flat. A wind storm could damage a neighboorhood and their houses’ siding. An Adwords campaign can be targeted for that area specifically while that storm is happening. This cannot be done with radio or TV ads. Google Adwords allows a business to make offers at a speed that is topical. If a significant change happens in an area, then an ad can target that area within 10 to 15 minutes.

Google Adwords also delivers timely information on the campaign. It also delivers information on the performance of the campaign as well. Regular advertisement models such as radio and TV ads do not do this. Every click is measured by Google and reported back to the business who owns that campaign. These numbers are critical to a successful Adwords campaign. A campaign can be optimized for the searcher who clicked the ad. This optimization can bring higher click through rates, lower bid costs, and greater conversion rates.

Google Adwords is more effective than traditional media. The problem with traditional media is that it is not trackable and, therefore, not accountable for results. Internet marketing inherently includes tracking. The internet has always been interested in tracking page counts, unique page views, and the total number of visitors. This tracking belies the ability to test a sales message for effectiveness. This testing can be handled on the fly and is what makes internet marketing superior to traditional advertising. If a sales message can be tested, then it can be optimized for sales effectiveness.

Google Adwords is a form of search engine marketing that every business needs to use. Google is the largest search engine and every business needs to have a presence on this search engine. There is no faster way to achieve a page one results than to use Google Adwords. It is an effective form of internet marketing that is trackable and scalable. A message can be custom built for a certain keyword and optimized for conversion. The ability to test, track and measure conversion are what make this form of internet marketing far more effective when compared to traditional medias. A business who wants more sales should use Google Adwords.