Halal means permissible in Arabic, therefore a halal product is an item or object permissible to use according to Islamic law. The law teaches respect, kindness, and advocate for cruelty-free halal products. All products even the personal care products are considered non-halal if they contain animal products or tested on animals. Many restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and industry have started producing halal products but some misunderstand the whole concept. According to Islamic dietary plan, Muslims are barred from consuming pork, alcohol and all there by products. To enjoy the real fun of travelling, it is mandatory to familiarize yourself with ways of locating genuine halal products.

1. Double check certification

To ensure the products you are purchasing has a valid halal certificate compare it with the halal products listed by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America. The council certifies new food, personal care products, beverage and pharmaceutical products. The product must also have their symbol clear and unaltered. Traders should also ensure their products are certified and listed by the council. They should make a point of advertising their halal products and forming a trader’s organization dedicated to offering halal products.

2. Carry packed halal fast foods 

In case you are travelling with your family carrying instant foods such as oatmeal or couscous will cater for the young ones. Many stores and supermarkets are nowadays selling halal products, therefore it will be easy to locate them. Consider carrying packaged dried fruits, nuts and vegetarian cereal bars; they will sustain you before you locate a nice store to purchase halal products.

3. Purchase fresh products from farmers’ market

Once settled rest and familiarize yourself with the new scenery and people. The following day you can visit the nearby farmers market. The easiest way to locate is by first searching local market on the internet and blogs and articles about halal market and local foods will be displayed. This is an amazing way of sampling and purchasing fresh fruits, vegetables and organic drinks. It is also a good way of meeting and interacting with new people and learning their diversity and culture.

4. Study travel articles

Travellers need to regularly study travel articles in order to familiarize themselves with various tips of locating halal products. There are some websites providing helpful tips about Muslim travel. You have to learn to manage yourself when you visit places where there are no halal products. These articles provide list of the places that Muslims can visit and comfortably find halal products. Traders should ensure their firms appear in this articles and blogs.

  1. Dine in hotels that are halal specific

    Some hotels prepare halal and non-halal foods in the same kitchen and contamination is bound to happen. Bread and bakery food should be halal certified since they can also contain non-halal ingredients.

    Most people are not aware that products like soaps, breakfast cereals and toothpaste are produced according to halal specifications. Muslims need to exercise a keen eye for detail in order to avoid consuming or using non-halal products. There is need for them to join Muslim Consumer organization to get updates on new products in the market.