When you look at that familiar face in the mirror, do you see fresh and healthy skin or just a lackluster surface that isn’t covered in cosmetics and dirt? Lathering your face with cleanser and splashing some water to rinse away the suds will certainly clean your skin, but is it the right type of clean? If you’re unsure, there are ways to determine whether or not your face is getting a thorough cleansing.



Look, Then Touch

Before you rush out to buy the latest skin-rejuvenating products, take a moment to fully examine your face. Even the makeup removers or cleansing lotion on the market won’t do your skin justice unless you first recognize your problem areas. Be sure to look for spots that are dull or oily. Skin that feels excessively tight, dry or irritated is also a sign that you need to modify your cleansing routine.


Completely clean skin should feel smooth, and there shouldn’t be any grimy resistance as you slide your fingers across the surface. After a proper wash, your face should appear brighter as well. It should also feel refreshed and invigorated as if you’ve just stepped outside on a sunny spring day. Ultimately, the goal is to notice an actual distinction between the pre-wash and post-wash stages.


Keep it Simple

One of the biggest mistakes people make in skin care is overdoing things. Generally, washing at night and rinsing with cold water in the morning is enough to keep facial skin clear. Overcleansing may dissolve all the dirt and remove any oil, but it can also strip away the protective layer of your skin. The Wall Street Journal details why vigorously cleaning the face isn’t necessarily effective.

Rather than destroying your skin in the name of cleanliness, you can use specific techniques to purify it safely. Always wet your face with lukewarm water, and gently apply the cleanser with a muslin cloth or a washcloth designed for infants. Let the cleanser penetrate your skin for 30 seconds. Rinse only with slightly cold water, and pat dry with a soft towel. It also helps to choose a mild cleanser with simple and nourishing ingredients that focus on your particular skin type.



Treat Yourself

You may be pleased to learn that a bit of pampering will promote cleaner and more vibrant skin. One way to indulge is to take a monthly trip to a spa for a facial or simple massage. You can even perform your own massages with some essential oils and clean fingertips. Gently rubbing the skin in a small circular motion will stimulate circulation, which is vital if you want a more youthful and effervescent aesthetic.

Another way to boost the clean factor is through exfoliation. This revitalizing process sloughs off dead cells and leaves only pure, soft, radiant skin. You can use a mile exfoliator once a week, but pay attention to how your skin reacts. If any irritation occurs, you may need to try even gentler methods.


Idly washing your face each day will wipe away some of the debris and bacteria that collect on your skin, but it probably won’t result in the healthy glow you want. To ensure you’re giving your face the attention it needs, choose the products that fit your skin type, follow the appropriate cleansing techniques and stick to a personalized regimen. You may just find an improved complexion underneath all that dirt.