Owning a home from a property developer in Malaysia is the key to determine your family’s fortune. Buy the right home and your family will live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Buy the wrong home and you will go into debt for the rest of your life.

Selecting a home is easy as well as hard. Keep in mind that a home near a good school district is as important as the neighborhood and access to major amenities is. Even if you have no children, good school is what potential home buyers look for when buying a home. The reason a home is such a good deal is that the local school is so hot. The key to buying the right home is to get one that is structurally sound as well. You do not want to go for a house that has a roof built in the Victorian era. Often homes sold in foreclosures are in state of despair because the owner thinks that any buyer will underestimate the cost or remodeling it. So unless there are no other homes in the neighborhood of your choice, buy one that is built recently and in good condition. Got a property developer? You’re in luck.

The asking price of a home should mean very little when buying a home. Generally, if you have a real estate agent to represent you, asking price is preset and standard for the area. When buying any home – new or old- hire a home inspector. Home inspectors do a better job in revealing things that you don’t see in a home. You are the buyer so ask as many questions you want. Also, by hiring an inspector you will know exactly what the inspector has done.

Before making an offer, drive from the home you are about to buy to your workplace. Let the drive be during commute hours. Knock on a few doors and talk with your potential neighbors about the place and things to expect. Ask what they like the best about their homes and neighborhood. Drive around shopping malls and other interesting places in the city as well.

Finally, do not forget to bargain with the real estate agent before bargaining for the home itself. If you are smart enough, you will be given an opportunity to pay less than what other buyers pay as commission. Find an agent who is willing to take less money for the job he or she is doing.