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Access to clean and bacteria-free water is crucial in sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Since we drink numerous times a day, it’s important that we make sure the water we’re taking in is safe. Contaminated water can lead to a variety of diseases like amoebiasis, botulism, cholera, e-coli infection, dysentery, typhoid fever, and even hepatitis. It’s too easy for the microbes carrying these diseases to travel through any water source. It’s also worth mentioning here that water-borne diseases tend to be more common in tropical and humid countries like Malaysia. With that said, if you live in Malaysia, especially in an urban area, it’s best that you install a water purifier or filter in your home.

Reasons Why You Need a Water Purifier

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  1. It reduces chlorine levels in the water. Chlorine is a chemical that’s dumped into water to purify it and kill off unwanted microorganisms. That doesn’t mean that taking in chlorine is 100% safe. It can also have its own negative effects. If you pass the chlorinated water through a purifier or a filter, the amount of chlorine in it will be significantly reduced. This will help protect your health in the long run especially if chlorinated water is your only source for drinking water. Remember that even boiling the water won’t remove the chlorine. You need to pass it through a purifier or filter.

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  1. It filters out all sorts of harmful microorganisms like bacteria. It’s easy for E coli and other forms of bacteria to make their way to your drinking water. Most of the time, they cause mild symptoms like nausea but there are instances wherein they can be life-threatening especially to young children or people with weak immune systems. With a purifier, you can substantially reduce the numbers of these dangerous types of bacteria in your drinking water.

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  1. It saves you money and time. If you regularly buy bottled water, then you know how the expense can grow to significant amounts. Some people buy bottled water everyday that if they add up all their cost, it’s almost equal to a month’s rent for an apartment. With a purifier, you can get the same quality of water without spending anything. Your cost savings will add up in the long run.

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  1. Water purifiers improve the taste of your drinking water. Water usually tastes bad or weird because it contains contaminants. Contaminated water has a bitter or almost metallic taste to it. After purification, you can instantly taste an improvement. With most of the contaminants removed, there’s no reason why the water should taste bitter or weird.

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  1. It helps you prepare healthier foods and drinks. If you use contaminated water for preparing or cooking food, it follows that the food will also be contaminated. The bacteria in the water can spread and thrive in the food itself. The effects of this unhealthy habit can build up over time. Whether you use the water for rinsing fresh vegetables or for washing dishes, it’s best that you purify and filter the water first. This is especially important if you are fond of eating raw food.

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  1. It lowers your carbon footprint. If you regularly buy bottled water, then you are contributing to the amount of carbon being unleashed in the environment. You will also be adding garbage because the plastic bottles you discard take centuries to decay.

As you can see, installing a water purifier in your home or office is a worthy investment. It protects your health and that of your family. To avail of a good quality water purifier in Malaysia, just get to an appliance center near you. You can also buy it online. When looking for a water filter in Malaysia, always go with the models and brands with a good market reputation. Additionally, don’t forget to read reviews about the product before you decide to purchase it. There’s a ton of resources online like forums and blogs where you can find reviews written by consumers who actually bought and used the product.