You like wearing really short skirts that flaunt your smooth legs, until suddenly one morning you notice an angry blue vein bulging right at the back of your legs. Your fears have come to life; varicose veins have started to invade your once beautiful and sexy legs.

But fear not: there are several available varicose vein treatments today, thanks to science. But before we talk about the ways to get rid of varicose veins, let us first discuss what they are exactly in order for us to understand why we get them.



What are Varicose Veins?


The reason why varicose veins bulge is because they are actually veins that are swollen. They become so inflamed to the point that they are bulging against the skin. They are bluish or sometimes purplish in appearance, and appear in the calves most of the time. Because it’s a swollen vein, it often causes discomfort. When you suddenly feel like your legs are getting heavy, or you experience frequent cramping, chances are varicose veins are already developing.



Why Do We Get Varicose Veins?


Veins are interconnected and promote smooth blood flow to and from the heart. There are tiny valves that prevent the backflow of the blood to the heart and assist in the proper distribution of blood throughout the body. Sometimes these tiny valves malfunction, and when they do, blood flows in an uncontrolled fashion, therefore collecting in the blood vessels. This causes the engorgement of the vein.


People who are susceptible to getting varicose veins are women who are pregnant or have just gone through pregnancy in the past months, men and women who are overweight, and those who are approaching their senior years.



How Do I Get Rid of Varicose Veins?


Although varicose veins are unsightly, they rarely cause any huge or long term health problems, which is why many people just choose to ignore it. However, if these ugly bulges are causing you to lose your self-confidence or even force you to change your style just to hide them, then it would be best to seek varicose vein treatment. Here are your options:


  1. Use of Compression Stockings. If the swelling of the vein is still manageable, a doctor can recommend compression stockings which have been designed to regularly compress your legs to promote blood flow (hence the term compression stockings).


  1. Endothermal Ablation. This is a procedure wherein the problematic vein is sealed shut by heating it. This then forces the blood to flow through the healthier veins. Heating is done either via radiofrequency energy or via laser.


  1. Foam Sclerotherapy. With this treatment, a special type of foam is injected to the varicose vein, effectively blocking the flow of blood in this vein and again forcing the blood to use other healthier blood vessels.


  1. Surgery. When all else fails, varicose vein surgery is also an option. With surgery, the varicose vein is removed completely, making sure that it doesn’t reappear on the same vein in the future.


Varicose veins are pretty common; hence beauty clinics in Singapore offer treatments that are proven and effective. Make sure you discuss all the aspects of the treatment with a licensed vascular specialist before undergoing one.