The highly sensitive and delicate nature of electronic components leaves them at risk of being damaged from even a small static discharge. Protecting capacitors, diodes and even fully assembled electrical components and printed circuitry from the latent and catastrophic damage that may result from a static shock is not a concern that should be taken lightly. For manufacturers, assemblers and other businesses that work with such components, having access to superior protective equipment and resources should be of paramount concern. An ESD box, bin or other storage device designed to protect and store electrical components can make a considerable difference in your working process.


ESD Equipment

From personal protective equipment like smocks and straps that will allow workers to safely handle electrical components to purpose-built bins and boxed that offer a more effective storage and transport solution, having access to the right ESD equipment is absolutely essential to maintain quality during production and assembly. ESD boxes that will reduce the risk of damage from a static discharge are never a resource that should be taken lightly. Keeping your components and products safe from harm may be all but impossible should you lack access to the right equipment and storage solutions.


ESD Protective Strap

ESD Protective Strap



ESD Storage Boxes

ESD Storage Boxes



Addressing Quality Control Issues

Latent damage done to electrical components can result in a serious quality control issue when it comes to any finished product. Ensuring that your assembly and production processes are able to make full use of any protective equipment can make a world of difference in your efforts to provide end-line customers with the best products possible. Investing in the equipment and other resources needed to create a more effective working process and ensure the highest quality products is never a concern that should go overlooked by business owners and management professionals.


Finding the Best Deal on Equipment

For businesses and organizations that are seeking a wider range of cost effective equipment options, the decision to visit (also see CLPG ESD Boxes) can be very rewarding. Choosing to do business with the right supplier will allow you to find and make use of a superior selection of equipment without placing greater strain on your budget or operational overhead costs. Suppliers that may not be able to provide you with the best deal on your equipment purchase or that lack the full range of ESD resources could prove to be little more than a waste of your time and expense.


ESD Boxes Inbuilt in Table


Creating a Superior Working Process

With even the smallest static discharge having the potential to do great harm to electrical components and printed circuitry, protective ESD equipment is of paramount importance. Ensuring that your customers are able to make use of a superior quality product and reducing the risks that your materials will suffer latent or catastrophic harm from static electricity can only be done by those who have access to a superior selection of storage and transport solutions. Bins and boxes that will afford greater protection for any materials in your working process are never a resource that should be left out of reach.

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