If you visit HomeGuru website, then you will find a long list of most valuable and available Penang properties for sale or rent in Malaysia. What is so special about Penang, Malaysia that it is especially featured by Home Guru, Malaysia’s property expert on on-line real estate marketing? Penang happens to be one of the most progressive cities in Malaysia next to Kuala Lumpur. You can also find in Penang the combined features that most people are looking for in a community. There is calmness and serenity.

Even with this peaceful perception of the area, it also allows for modern living with all the amenities that a moving forward city must have. It has free trade and industrial zones in addition to having the biggest shopping complex called Queensbay Mall. You will appreciate all these not only if you are Malaysian but also if you are a foreigner who would like to enjoy the country for an extended period of time because Penang has been defined as a great relocation spot for anyone who would like a second home or a fresh new start.

Penang Heritage

Penang biggest shopping complex – Queensbay Mall

Penang unique cuisine – Lok Lok

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